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Awwww, I actually like this couple. Seeing Lucifer fall in loves just makes him seem vulnerable. It’s nice to see him in that light considering his actions in all three movies. Although it was so sweet to see the kinder side of him, he definitely got what he deserved. I’ve seen celeb couples last longer than these two. Going back on his word and helping Pom-Pom attack the mice who helped him get her in the first place. Not cool.

Funfums picked Lucifer and Pom-Pom:
I don't like this couple.

anukriti2409 picked Lucifer and Pom-Pom:
totally blah


Really, just a boring couple. Nothing interesting about them. It’s not their fault though. The movie didn’t center around them so it’s understandable why we don’t get to know too much about them. They’re not hated much like the couples from part one of this list, but they’re just not interesting to go any further.

Bumbl_ee picked King and queen of England:
I don't care for them that much.

AaronHaley4ever picked King and queen of England:
They just don't interest me at all...


I’m not a huge fã of Melody but I like her well enough to think this guy is just a brat. Ok I get it, crabs hurt but he made Melody cry. So did everyone else, but I’d say Melody really dodged a bullet with this one. She deserves better.

lililc picked Melody and Dancer:
i like the merboy better

fluffyduckling picked Melody and Dancer:
It didn't really seem that he was interested in her and I think her and the merboy suit quite well.


I got a really good detailed comment from KataraLover, so I’m gonna let his comment explain why this couple is low on the list as I agree with him.

KataraLover picked King and queen of Arendelle:
I just thought of one reason, which is a really BIG reason, why they're such a bad couple and it does have to do with their parenting. We all know that their parenting was terrible and it seemed like they both just shared the same brain. Something I amor about couples that I amor are that both characters have flaws, some similar to each other, but also plenty that are different from each other, so it means they're able to balance each other out. A good couple should be able to see past the others flaws and bring out the best in each other. These two just share the exact same brain and neither has any differences. The King is the one vocally making the decisions, but the queen just goes along with it instead of having her own opinion on the subject like a real person would. her only line in the movie is "She's ice cold," and that's it. So they might as well be the same character with the same personality. Couples like Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World have flaws and bring out the best in each other por balancing each other out but having respect for each other. This is why they're both a great couple and great parents. So the horrible parenting decisions was the fault of the King and queen having the same brain and not being able to balance each other out. When one makes a mistake, the other should point it out because they didn't believe in it to begin with and have a backup plan. Their bad parenting just shows how these two don't balance each other out and might as well just be one parent. Although, I guess if each of them has only half a brain, they might as well only have one brain. I may be overanalyzing this, but oh well.


I amor this couple! It’s true that we don’t even see the wife alive in the movie. The way the king talks about her though, you know they had a very deep moving relationship and were deeply in love. Knowing that, I must say that the king was strong in moving progressivo, para a frente in his life after his wife’s death. He was sure to take care of their son as a way to honor his wife. I think it’s why he was so determined to make sure his son ended up with the amor of his life. He was old was wanted to see that his son is taken cared of the way he was. There’s actually an interesting fã theory from Wotso vídeos on youtube that this couple is Ariel and Eric. However likely or unlikely you think it is, it was an interesting watch. youtube it and check it out for yourself.

Funfums picked Charming's parents:
They look like a good couple, but they were never shown in the movie (except pictures).

Angelica_AW picked Charming's parents:
They seemed like they would a fun couple, but we don't know much about them nor did we see they together (besides pictures) and we only have The King's word to one on.


Just another boring couple that we don’t see too much of. The only thing we really know if they cut Naveen off from their riches. Many argue that’s unfair of them considering how they spoiled him all his life. Naveen seemed to maintain a strong relationship with them however as they are seen at his wedding. At the end of the day, I think they meant well.

Night_Hunter picked Naveen's parents:
Didn't really get to know them that much.

Bumbl_ee picked Naveen's parents:
Not enough screentime.


That’s better. Much better than the dancer. Although some viewed them mais as friends, I think they have potential to become more. The sequel is a reverse story from her mom anyways. Her mom fell in amor with the land, she fell in amor with the sea. Her mom was a mermaid in amor with a human. She could be a human in amor with a merman. The best relationships always start as best friends. I ship it.

EmaSomolanyiova picked Melody and Merboy:
As I said before, they aren't even a real couple! They're just friends.

Funfums picked Melody and Merboy:
Just friends.


In hindsight, this “couple” or “pairing” didn’t necessarily need to be added to this countdown. When I first started this countdown and asked Fanpoppers to help me with couples, these two were suggested so I added them. Though many agree they’re a not a couple, I think they were first suggested because let’s face it, they just look cute together. Like that cute little old couple. Just imagine it. Mrs. Potts already loves Belle. She’d become Chip’s big sister. Mrs. Potts is a pretty good mother figure to all. Though they are not an official couple, I ship them and think this little family would work well.

anukriti2409 picked Mrs.Potts and Maurice:
how are they a couple?

KataraLover picked Mrs.Potts and Maurice:
They stand seguinte to each other and that makes them a couple?

14 raio, ray AND EVANGELINE

Did anyone else feel awkward when you first watched PATF because of this couple? It’s a bit weird, but still cute. A firefly falls in amor with a estrela because he thinks it’s another firefly. Or what if estrela Evangeline was once a firefly who died? After her passing, raio, ray just loved her too much that he maintained faithful to her even in death. It’s a theory seeing as how it’s assumed that raio, ray turned into a estrela at his funeral at the end of the movie. If that’s the case, I think it’s cute and makes a little mais sense why he’s in amor with a star.

Angelica_AW picked raio, ray and Evangeline:
They're okay, but I prefer the others better.

disnerdtobe picked raio, ray and Evangeline:
Always found raio, ray annoying

anukriti2409 picked raio, ray and Evangeline:
seemed like one sided amor really, until the end.