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Note: Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante is owned por Disney, not me. I hope that you have fun leitura and feel free to comment.

Princess Anna and queen Elsa were relaxing in the living room of the kingdom. Anna asked "Do you miss swimming?"

Elsa said "Well I guess I do."

Anna said "Well my related friend I have a answer to your problem."

Elsa said "Problem?"

Anna said "Yes. We haven't swam in months, but don't worry. I found a private lake near the kingdom that'll be perfect for us."

Elsa said "Are sure it's a private lake? I don't wanna share a lake with like 50 people."

Anna said "Don't worry. I've been to this lake a few times. Nobody ever goes there. Lets check it out."

Elsa replied "Okay. Sounds like fun."

Anna and Elsa told the kingdom workers about what they were doing. There was no business to do so the 2 sisters were allowed to go. Anna grabbed a bag that she brought with her.

Anna and Elsa walked out of the kingdom. Elsa asked "How far away is the lake?"

Anna replied "2 miles away."

Elsa said "That would take a long time for us to walk to."

Anna said "I wish the lake was closer by."

The Duke of Weselton was nearby, because of a business deal he had with a company nearby.

Anna said "Actually the lake might be 5 miles, but if we run it might not take so long."

The Duke of Weselton laughed and stated "You silly fools are wasting your time which I don't mind. In fact I won't tell you that there's a unpopulated lake half a mile away."

Anna replied "You accidentally helped us Mr. Weaseltown."

The Duke said "Darnit."

A short time later the 2 sisters were near the lake. They stood in front of some trees so tall that they could barely see the lake. Anna opened up the bag that she brought with her. She pulled out 2 towels.

Elsa uttered "I hope you brought our swimsuits."

Anna replied "I'm sorry, but they were in the washing machine."

Elsa asked "Then what should we do?"

Anna said "Skinny dip. There's nobody else around so we'll have privacy."

Elsa said "Okay."

Anna and Elsa took off their clothes and put on the towels. Anna said "I'll race you. The first one that gets into the water first wins." Elsa nodded.

The 2 sisters started running. They were both running well, but Elsa suddenly stood still. Elsa tried to speak, but por then Anna was in the lake. Anna asked "Why did you give up?"

Elsa nervously said "We're not the only ones here." Anna looked around and realized that a bunch of people were at the lake. The Duke of Weselton tricked them into going to a public lake.

Anna said "This probably isn't a private lake." Thankfully Elsa had a towel on and Anna went into the lake so fast that nobody saw her. Anna whispered "I need help Elsa."

Elsa said "Don't worry." Elsa walked up to the lake and handed Anna the other towel. Anna put on the towel before any of the other people saw her.

Anna asked "What should we do?"

Elsa replied "Escape before we make ourselves look like fools. We'll get dressed behind the trees."

Anna and Elsa were so nervous that they ran. They went behind the trees and got dressed before being seen.

Anna said "We could go to a unpopulated lake."

Elsa stated "Not today."

Anna and Elsa went home. 1 of the maids asked "How was your swimming day?"

Anna replied "Special, but not in good ways."
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The country version of the Godly overrated song!
As the sun settled down into the sky, Ariel watched as steam poured out of the crock-pot the cook was using. It made a popping noise once in awhile from all the boiling it was doing, which made her jump. She was curious, and wanted to ask what made it do that. But, she couldn't. Not after she gave her voice away. She touched her throat a bit, until someone pulled on her back. She turned her head to see the maid, short and plump, grumpy faced.
"You should be getting ready! Dinner's only in less than thirty minutes."
Ariel had a strong urge to fight back and tell her she couldn't boss her around...
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I used to have an old version of this video on my old channel, but I didn't have the original version. Someone asked me here on YouTube and even wrote on my mural @ fanpop about if I could reupload the video since they liked it so much.
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A Bela e a Fera
a change in me
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I promised I would write a biography about myself so here goes:

I am andy10B my first name is Andrew. I am 23 years old(24 on March 12th) I come from England in a town called Northampton. This is based in the centre roughly 60 miles north of London. It's not the prettiest place but it will do.

I'm mildly Autistic which means I'm not the best speaker but that does not mean I can't do it at all and I do have friends in Northampton. At the minuto i am a mail sorter for a British company called Royal mail. I would like to be a journalist or news reporter or an actor. I don't have any of those degrees...
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If anything is base on real events or people, may it be dead or alive, it is entirely and purely coincidental!
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Here is Vanessa William's signature song as cinderela and her prince dance to it.
vanessa williams
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Ayeeee. It's been a while since I posted my last article, and while I've kind of gotten tired of the whole "list" thing, I was out of ideas so alas :P Regardless I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for leitura c:

13. Ariel

Yeah..I just can't cut this girl a break :/ Sorry..but really, her hair is the main reason she's my least prettiest. The red ketchup color it is is just extremely artificial looking and while the hair can look AMAZING at times (Part of Your World) on land it looses the magic of how it looked in the water. If her hair was a mais muted red it probably would've been higher....
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This is my first artigo here and I hope you like it. I'm getting tired people calling disney (Especially disney Princess) sexist. So I decided to write an artigo about why I think the Princes don't really save the princesses.

Sorry for no pictures!

1.Snow White
The Prince in Snow White doesn't really do anything. He just sings a serenade and disappears till the end of the movie.
He didn't fight the Evil Queen. He didn't really do anything.
Snow White should thank the dwarfs for saving her life not the Prince. If the dwarfs buried her, the Prince would never find her and kiss her.
So all he did...
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