Hi guys, I noticed some similarities with both Pocahontas and another Historical Princess, Anastasia. So, here are my comparisons on both heroines.


This was the very first historical cartoon that I watched, I did not know about her real-life story after leitura about her in Times Magazine a few months after watching the film in Singapore.
It wasn't until that I read mais about her as time goes por that I finally understood her real-life more, she died sadly on her way back to Virginia.
disney fictionalised her story, por making her fall in amor with John Smith. Aside from saving him from being executed por her father, Chief Powhatan.


In 1998, this film would become my segundo Historical film and it was a non-Disney film. anastasia was rumoured to survive the 1918 family massacre in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Anna Anderson claimed to be her, but her DNA did not match to UK's Prince Philip, who is a blood relative to the Romanov.
Don Bluth, a former disney animator fictionalised her in this 1997 film. She feels in amor with a servant boy name Dmitri, who would later be a con man with Vladimir to find out the real anastasia from her Danish grandmother, who is staying in Paris, France during the majority of the story.

A Real amor or Tragic Story?

So, which of these 2 films fit in these categories? I would personally think that it is both.