Ella and Kit.
Hi guys, I will be composição literária 2 of my favourite disney remake that were make into a live action reboot. I will write down on which of these 2 are my favourites, as well as how they inspired me.

Cinderella (2015)

One of the things I really like about this reboot of the 1950 classic, was that it teaches us to have faith and be kind. We also get to see how Ella manages to stand against her stepmother unlike her animated version, she also meets the prince before meeting him during the ball.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Like Cinderella, Belle has mais screen-time including the Beast/ Prince Adam. Belle taught me a lot of things like to be mais optimistic and travel the world, not to forget to read more!
It also teaches us that sometimes the right thing is the toughest thing to do, like when Belle was force to make a choice on how to save her father and never to see him ever again.

All Out of Love

These 2 films had always been part of my life and I salute to disney for promoting moral values in these films, not just in both cinderela and Beauty and the Beast.
If you ask me to choice either 1 of these 2, I would go for cinderela because of the magic and the moral values that keeps promoting throughout the film itself.
Certain as the Sun, rising in the east.