Hi guys, I notice that there is no Viking princess, so here are my suggestions on how a Viking (or Norse) princess will look like.

1) Maria Lucia Rosenberg (Denmark)

The Danish Elsa, I personally think that she has the looks for a Viking princess, she has a bubbly personality and she's pretty too!

2) Trine Lundgaard Nielsen (Denmark)

Another Danish beauty here, She actually looks like Princess Aurora with that blonde hair and long bony face of hers.

3) Lisa Stokke (Norway)

Another Elsa from Norway, she has a very cute personality like Maria Lucia and she could be the third Norwegian princess after Anna and Elsa (no puns intended).

4) Hanne-Karine Sorby (Norway)

Another brunette (?) princess for the lineup! She eerily looks like Natalie Wood in some photos, but we would amor to welcome her.

5) Annika Herlitz (Sweden)

disney will definitely need another ginger haired princess after Merida, and Annika is the perfect choice in the looks department.

6) Helena Stenbäck (Sweden)

Now this has to be the best look for a Norse or Viking princess, she has everything in the looks department, especially her facial features.

7) Katja Sirkia (Finland)

Another bubbly feature, I know that we had only 2 blonde princesses in the DP lineup or shall I say, balancing acts?

8) Noora Hautakangas (Finland)

A dark haired Finnish girl, I feel bad for Snow White being the only dark haired Princess.

9) Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir (Iceland)

Speaking of Snow White, she looks like dyed her hair blonde! I know that Iceland has a lot of beautiful girls and I wouldn't be surprise at all.

10) Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir (Iceland)

The segundo dark-haired candidate, she is the winner of the 2005 Miss World pageant. She could possibly the dark horse out of this list!

Vikings, anyone?

10 candidates make it through the top, and tell me what do you think of them?
Maria Lucia!
Trine Lundgaard
Lisa Stokke
Hanne-Karine Sorby in a Norwegian National Costume.
Annika Herlitz
Helena Stenbäck
Katja Sirkia
Noora Hautakangas
Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir
Unnur Birna