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posted by Sparklefairy375
The disney Princesses are usually have some beautiful and iconic dresses. In this artigo I would share my list of favorito disney Princess wardrobes.
I don't include some undergarments, undone dress (ex: Ariel's sail outfit), and some that I don't count as an outfit like Ariel's mermaid attire.
Credit goes to link's artigo of link for ideas of rate each princess' dress.
Anyway, here's my list, started from least to most favorito :)

11. Tiana

Tiana has a lot of clothes out of all Princesses, but a lot of dresses doesn't make me like them. Most of her outfis consist of yellow and green, which were awful and didn't really fit with her dark skin color. Cool as cores like blue or purple fits her more.The design of most of her dresses are weird. With unflattering and flashy colors, her dresses are a total eyesore and least appealing for me.

~Teal work dress: simple bore dress (3/10)
~Yellow work outfit: hm, just okay (5/10)
~Brown medieval dress: dull as cores (2/10)
~Borrowed blue dress: one of her dress that I like (9/10)
~Long white dress: another nice dress of her (8/10)
~Bayou wedding gown: it might be inspired from water lily, but what I see here, fail design to this dress, color are too flashy and eyesore (1/10)
~Second wedding dress: simple white dress, with weird "X" line (2/10)
~Orange outfit: just same as her yellow work outfit (4/10)
~Ending green dress: weird design, really (2/10)

10. Pocahontas

Not sure which placement to put Pocahontas's wardrobe, as she only wear one outfit at her original movie. For exception of her I will include her English ballgown at the sequel. But overall, most of her outfits are generic and unappealing.

~Brown outfit: just an ordinary Native American outfit (7/10)
~English ballgown: unflattering ballgown, boring colors, excessive laces and bows (4/10)

9. Snow White

Snow doesn't have much of a wardrobe, and neither of her dress appeals for me, so her wardrobe stays in the bottom placement. Her wardrobe is higher than Tiana and Pocahontas, as at least the dresses are cute.

~Rags: would be a nice dress if it wasn't ripped on the saia (5/10)
~Blue and yellow dress: cute at best, but don't like the weird white colarinho, colar (7/10)

8. Jasmine

I don't really like most of Jasmine's outfits. Most of them are two-pieced outfits that referred from Harem girl's outfit. Those outfits aren't really suppose for a princess to wear in my opinion. And look at those pants, they're just very puffy. Her outfits doesn't have much style, most of them are just same and recolored outfit.

~Regular blue outfit: it's plain for a princess' outfit, but nice color (4/10)
~Disguise brown dress: surprisingly I prefer this dress over her regular outfit, she looks pretty when wear it (7/10)
~Enggagement purple dress: my favorito dress of her, it looks mais like a dress for princess and has beautiful shade of purple (9/10)
~Red outfit: just same as her regular blue outfit, don't like it much as she looks like a slave when wear it (3/10)
~Ending purple outfit: looks nice as don't see it much, amor the purple transparent scarf (6/10)

7. Belle

Despite being most beautiful girl in her village, unfortunately Belle got some of generic dresses. Her dresses have appealing colors, but some of them are have kinda weird design, or average-looking.

~Blue and white dress: looks pretty simple but also generic at the same time (7/10)
~Green dress: beautiful dress and this is long and simple (8/10)
~Pink dress: nice colors, but has some weird big stripes down in the topo, início and skirt, prefer it without capes (6/10)
~Yellow ballgown: iconic, fancy, but sometimes the saia just reminds me with curtains (8/10)

6. Cinderella

Classy look! Her wardrobe consists of modest, classy dresses with soft colors, mostly light blue and white. Her dresses are dreamy and fits well with her at best.

~Blue nightgown: just a simple plain nightgown, nice as cores (5/10)
~Servant dress: nothing special (6/10)
~Mother's redesign rosa, -de-rosa dress: lovely dress, nice colors, but excessive bows makes it looks like dress for a little girl (6/10)
~Silver ballgown: so iconic, sparkly, and beautiful (8/10)
~Wedding dress: such a classic wedding dress (7/10)

5. Rapunzel

Her dresses are German's traditional dress called Dirndl. This kind of dress consist of a low-cut blusa with short puff sleeves and full skirt. Rapunzel's Dirndl has a lot of floral design, ribbons, and laces. They overally have simple design with bright as cores and delicate details. Those dresses are my favorite, sadly she doesn't have much.

~Purple dress: looks simple and cute at the same time, amor the as cores purple and rosa, -de-rosa <33 (9/10)
~Pink homecoming dress: not as appealing as the purple one, but still lovely (8/10)
~Wedding dress: a bit too simple for a wedding dress, the veil is too long (7/10)

4. Mulan

Like most of Chinese woman in general, mulan wear traditional hanfus, which most of them consists of several color combinations. Most of Mulan's hanfus aren't really girly and feminine like the usual hanfus are. But they still look appealing with great color combinations and comfy design.

~Two-pieces pajamas: looks like kind of pajamas that I would wear (7/10)
~Green and yellow hanfu: comfort enough for a traditional hanfu (7/10)
~Matchmaker rosa, -de-rosa hanfu: amor the color combination between pink, red, white, purple, and blue, and it's gorgeous (9/10)
~Green armor: since this is actually a man's outfit definitely (4/10)
~Gray outfit: another guy outfit then por far (5/10)
~Blue hanfu: again, nice color combination, looks flattering and mature (8/10)

3. Merida

Her dresses are simple and has almost no sparkles or patterns, that resembles her personality as well. Compared to other princesses' wardrobes hers are not as iconic, but it's really casual and comfy to wear. Most of peoples definitely would choose her wardrobe for everyday clothes.

~Regular dark cerceta, verde-azulado dress: like I said before, comfy and casual (10/10)
~Tight blue and gold dress: yeah she hates it, too tight and also that weird wimple, but in other side the as cores are beautiful and amor the gold details (8/10)
~Final dark navy dress: literally just same with regular dress but just add tartan plaid, make this dress is so Scottish-look (9/10)

2. Aurora

Aurora's dresses are elegant, modest, regal, and very princess-y. I overally like all of her dresses. Most of her dresses are have long sleeves and full skirt, I always amor long dress with long sleeves! <33

~Peasant gray dress: one of the few regular dress that looks pretty, unless with dull color (7/10)
~Blue princess dress: gorgeous dress, nice shades of blue (9/10)
~Pink princess dress: literally same as her blue princess dress, but the color rosa, -de-rosa represent her mais (10/10)

1. Ariel

Surprisingly enough, outside of my strong criticize towards Ariel as a character, I actually amor her wardrobes. Most peoples though her dresses are too puffy and complain how rosa, -de-rosa dress don't fit with her red hair, but I don't think so. Puffy dress looks cute on her. Soft rosa, -de-rosa and salmão rosa, -de-rosa dresses fits well with red hair. Also, her dresses are lovely, they have beautiful design and appealing enough. Another reason why I personally amor Ariel's wardrobe, as because she wears a lot of rosa, -de-rosa and blue, two of my favorito colors.

~Pink and white ballgown: so beautiful and gorgeous dress, lovely design, and really fits her (10/10)
~Pink nightgown: lovely nightgown, beautiful colors, looks cute on her (8/10)
~Blue dress: simple yet pretty (9/10)
~Sparkly blue dress: kinda oversparkly but this dress is overally nice (7/10)
~White wedding gown: those balloon sleeves made this vestido isn't as generic as usual wedding gowns are (8/10)

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Hola! I already wrote my updated DP movie list, if you haven't read it yet, here's the link. link. So, I rewatched the DP films and my opinions on the princesses have changed so here is my updated list. The number in the parenthesis is where that princess used to be on my list. I genuinely don't dislike any princess but I don't amor them all either so I also placed the princesses in groups according to how much I like them.

Neutral Liking
These are the girls that I do like but just don't find myself super interested in. So my feelings towards them are kind of neutral.
 I'm sorry Cindy, you're nice and all but you're not really my type but maybe if you keep believing your dream of making my topo, início 5 will come true (yeah right, doubt it).
I'm sorry Cindy, you're...
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I am currently working on a bigger artigo where all the songs are ranked. But here are my favoritos from each movie. And some runner ups :) (I will include runner ups where the 2nd place could have a chance at beating the 1st place) So let's begin! Warning: You'll be hearing a lot of "love" here. Bonus warning: English isn't my first language. :)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I'm Wishing/One Song

Oh, how I amor this song. I amor the opening, lyrics, voices, melody, romance and the ahahahahah. I'm not laughing, I'm just trying to sing like Snow in my head. But my favorito part is when the prince...
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posted by dimitri_
This was inspired por Princesslullaby's List(s) that everyone wants to read, it's probably the artigo I've read the most often. Though I'm not going to talk about score or animation because I feel those subjects need to be analysed a different way. This was a challenge for me, I found it impossible to do. And I know, my list changed once again. It's like it automatically shifts on its own every 5 months. But this time, I tried to be mais objective and fair, I don't know if it's the right thing to do because I think with my coração sometimes. But I'm pretty confident so here goes nothing!

13. Merida...
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The weird thing is that I haven't done a list about their original voices, but anyway, since I'm greek, I'd like to make this artigo first. :) Sorry for putting some non-DP girls, but I put them because I really liked their voices and I wanted to say something about them. Also sorry if the quality of the songs is not good, but it was difficult to find nice greek versions and not fandubs. Enjoy!

15) Ariel: Anna Rossi
This is the '99 version, not the original, but I decided to put that too. I hate that voice! I mean, she can sing well and it fits Ariel better, but she sounds too bitchy and sexy...
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I shall tell you the truth: I've been a bit militant in my liking of Cinderella. Negatives opinions made me feel stressed and I have been stubborn and rude. What made me change my point of view and see the wrong of my ways was when I saw link: "I think cinderela is both overly passive and a doormat, because it's one that leads to the other. In this way, I can sort of relate to her because I'm very passive and shy of confrontation. However, I'm not saying this makes her less of a valid or interesting character. Sometimes its nice to watch a heroine who isn't all assertive and kick butt, at...
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A pesquisa was recently made about who was the most selfish DP, and I was shocked and annoyed at what people were saying about Elsa (and Merida... But I guess I may have to make that artigo later) being selfish.

I know this point is already being debated on the poll, so some may find it a bit repetitive to read this, but I wanted to make a really detailed examination about Elsa and her 'selfishness'.

One argument I read was: "in the beginning part when she forbids Anna to marry him, it's just because she doesn't want to see Anna have fun with others while she is alone in her own sadness...."....
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