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Hi everyone, I just watched Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera just now. While watching, I noticed some similarities with Beauty and the Beast! Here are my observations.

The Story-line

As you may know, both stories are set in France, it also has a sad theme in it as it deals with a deformed person name Erik who wishes to be love. Ironically, the author of The Phantom of the Opera is por Gaston Leroux, who happens to be the namesake villain of Disney's retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The rose also plays a symbolic role in both stories.
Secondly, the Stranger Than You Dream It scene reminds me of the West Wing scene. Since the Phantom and the Beast did not want both Christine and Belle to find out about their embarrassment.
Finally, the Final Lair scene reminds me of the Mob Song where they are chasing the Phantom and the Beast!

The Characters

As previously mentioned, the Phantom reminds me of the Beast, because both characters want to be amor despite their exterior appearances. Christine Daae and Belle are the same, apart from being brunette! They play a dominant role in a amor triangle.
Gaston and Raoul are the opposite, they appear to be handsome. Unlike Gaston, Raoul is actually like Prince Adam, especially in appearance and personality! But, he is a combo of Gaston and Prince Adam. The same with the Phantom, especially Gaston during the Final Lair scene.
Madame Giry and Meg are like Mrs Potts and Chip, because they are like the motherly and sisterly figure to Christine. The same with Mrs Potts' relationship with Belle.
The Wardrobe is like Carlotta, because they're the Prima Donna throughout the story. While Cogsworth is her Piangi, due to their appearance again and similar Characteristic traits.
Finally, Lumiere is like the 2 managers due to the fact that they provide comic relief for the story! Which of course includes Cogsworth at times, despite that the 2 managers do not fight.

Music of the Night

The songs are very memorable in both movies, masquerade is like Be Our Guest and Beauty and the Beast. Where we see Raoul and Christine dancing during the song.
As mentioned, The Mob Song reminds me of the Final Lair scene where the mob try to find the Phantom. Only is that the former has a comedic result, while the latter is very dramatic and sad!

Inside your Mind

So there you have it, my observations on both movies. If you guys disagree, I don't mind!
Or is it?