Unfortunately, on this site, Ariel has some haters. I want to make it clear I'm all for respecting opinions and I TOTALLY can see why people don't care for Ariel. Well I'm here to say why personally I think Ariel is an awesome character.
(She is my 2nd favorite:D)
Ariel probably has my favorito personality of DP. She's bubbly, fun, crazy, and would do anything for her dream. She forgets about things, she's curious, and loves to explore. Not to mention how fearless she is. I find her very funny. I actually think she's a really good friend. She clearly cares for her friends, especially Flounder. She shows him her entire collection, her greatest secret. She puts a lot of trust in him and wants to experience adventure with him. I like how she can be a bit sarcastic with her friends. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I adore how she doesn't let anyone or anything prevent her from her dreams. She is so determined, yet it can be argued she spent all of these years without making a deal because she was afraid and needed to be pushed over edge. That is actually what i think which, imo, makes her complex. I actually amor how she is a collector (I am too!) and how she loves to learn. I amor the scene in the town; it's hilarioius! Ariel, however, is extremely flawed. She lets her curiosity, craziness, selfishness, and rebelliousness get the best of her. Ariel is selfish,no doubt. We all are at times. I like how she gets carried away exploring and I like how she can be a bit spoiled/bratty. Its actually very realistic. A lot of people rato on her for being flawed, but we share those flaws with her, which, to me, makes her endearing. A lot of people say she doesn't develop. She's a teen: she won't admit she's wrong. I'm positive in months or years she'll apologize. Real people don't develop over a course of 3 days. no geral, global I amor Ariel's personality

I don't relate to Ariel all that much. I can relate to being spoiled(LOL it's true:) and a bit selfish. I can relate to loving Eric, and wanting a dream so bad you'd do anything for it. The big thing I relate to is her collection. I'm a HUGE collector. I can only imagine my dad doing what hers did. Honestly, I connect with her at that moment.

Role Model:
Ariel, to me, is a pretty good role model. She teaches girls about going after their dreams. She shows girls it's OK to fail. I actually think that her bravery and determination makes her a good role model, though everyone knows she has her flaws.

just sayin

Relationships with other characters:
Here's a spot where she gets a lot of flack. I mentioned her relationship with linguado, solha earlier so I won't talk about it again. I think she appreciates Sebastian, though she won't admit it. The FIRST thing she does when Scuttle announces the marriage is kiss Sebastian. I think that shows some amor and appreciation. Her relationship with Triton is touching and realistic. They amor each other, but they don't say it to each others faces. They want to amor and protect each other. Ariel and Eric are just amazing. They make each other happy. It started out superficial, but they would NOT go through all they did if it stayed that way. They make each other smile. They accept each others flaws and don't mentally or physically change for one another. Perfection.

Superficial Crap:
Ariel is my 6th prettiest princess. Her hair is lovely, and her eyes can be SUPER pretty, but she has some weird shots.
Her voice ranks segundo for cantar and first for speaking.
I amor a lot of her wardrobe. *is shot*
I hoped you enjoyed!!! Please(PLEASE) comment!! I would amor to hear your thoughts on Ariel and the article! And if I should do one for my third favorito princess:Elsa!<33333