Whilst typing my last artigo I came to realize that (Mulan being the exception) my favorito princesses were different than my favorito princess movies. That said; whilst my two favoritos are Ariel and Mulan, my favorito filmes are Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Snow White.

Beauty and the Beast

This movie is probably my favorito disney movie hands down. I absolutely adored the plot. I'm all for uniqueness and originality; usually in filmes people are cursed into animals. In Beauty and the Beast, they are all objects...that can talk. And this is all because their Prince had to work on his attitude...it goes along side that classic 'if the King is toxic his land will be too' story line. I enjoyed that symbolism in literature works like Oedipus The King, I enjoyed it here. I thought it was so sweet that Belle was kind enough to see past the Beast and into the prince beneath. For me this was just the most interesting story as a whole.

Another huge factor is the characters. For me to like a show I have to have a favorito character (a.k.a the characters have to be lovable). I liked every one of the characters, even Gaston...the man was funny, what can I say? Belle was a sweet girl and I feel like I can relate to her mais than most of the other princesses. Chip was a cutie. Luminere and Cogsworth where amazingly funny as well, I amor the funny characters. But mais then anything, as a kid I loved the duster. I have no clue why, but Babette was always my favorite.

The musical numbers were catchy as well, I can't even count the number of times I've had 'be our guest' stuck in my head. And tale as old as time is such a beautiful score. I amor the Celine Dion version.

To go with sound and plot, I loved the art and scenery. I am especially fond of the beautifully animated forest...particularly the winter scenes.

And of course noglosia always plays a role. As a child this was the movie that I would watch and then promptly rewind. This to the point where my grandmother could speak most all of the lines word for word. My sister and I would go out and pretend to be the characters...and then she'd make me watch Sleeping Beauty (which was her 4ever rewind movie).


With Mulan, the biggest key to my liking of it was the extremely lovable characters. My favorito being Mushu, the little guy was hilarious. "Ooh, I think my bunny slippers just ran for cover." Of course mulan herself is a wonderful character, I already talked about that though. Shang is also a neat guy. I honestly can't say I dislike any of the characters.

In my other artigo I talked about my amor of the plot. And here I'll do so again; I just amor the idea of a badass female taking on a so called 'male job'. I especially enjoyed the fact that she did so even though it wan't the most legal thing to do at that time. From watching her in training, to watching her try not to get found out, mulan was an exciting watch.

A common theme in all of these is scenery. I adore the art for Mulan, perhaps mais than Beauty and the Beast. I amor how they drew the temple and that night scene where the fireworks are all going off. Magnificent, beautiful I loved it. I amor when mulan walks por that pond, the cereja blossom tress are just drawn so so well.

I also have a memory or two attached to this movie; and that was the last dia of high school. My English teacher had decided to show us all Mulan. It was the one dia when everyone put aside petty high school drama and just watched a movie and laughed together. It almost made me want to stay!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

And finally, Snow White. I'm gonna be completely honest; Snow is one of my least favorito princesses. However her movie was wonderful. Not gonna lie, this is mostly due to my amor for Regina Mills...whose disney counterpart lies within this movie. I have a thing for the Evil Queen, I can't amor villains without loving her! Mirror mirror on the mural is perhaps the most memorable disney quote...for myself anyhow. So I guess this is a start on the wonderful set of characters. It is so hard to manage as many main characters as Snow White has; giving each a fair amount of screen time, but Snow White did it well. And each Dwarf had his own personality, they weren't all uniformed. The Huntsman was also a sympathetic character. I did mention above I don't really care for Snow, but she is a kind and well written character.

Like all of the above filmes I like the plot. Though it was shallow for my bae to try to kill Snow because she was 'prettier' it created for an interesting story line; jealous stepmother has a huntsman try to carve her stepdaughter's coração out, he fails, she finds some interesting dwarfs in the forest, the stepmom then disguises as an old woman and poisons her. That's a pretty interesting story.

And of course the artwork, as always, is stellar. Couldn't have done it any better myself. The little dwarf cottage is just so cozy looking, I amor it.