It's a mix of facts and fiction. I ship Jelsa, but not for the same reasons as many. I like it because it is actually tragic. Jack Frost and Elsa would never be a couple or meet and here's what I think is why.

1695 - Jackson Overland is born in a village soon to be called Burgess, PA.

1702 - Jackson's sister is born.

(Okay I consider Jack to be 17 and his sister 10 if you want to go off what they said in the movie or other sites then fine 1698 Jack would be 14 at time of death and 1704 sister would be 8)

- Jackson Overland drowns in a pond.
- Jack Frost is born.

The Great Snow of 1717. - Jack Frost is frustrated por the Man in the Moon and rebels bringing stronger blizzards.

- Princess Rapunzel of Corona and Princess Elsa of Arendalle are born.
- Princess Rapunzel is abducted.

1826 - Princess Anna of Arendalle is born.

1828 - Princess Ariel of Atlantica is born.

- Jack Frost discovers a young girl with ice magic and becomes attached to seeing her.
- Princess Elsa exhibits ice powers.

- Princess Elsa ice-zaps her younger sister Princess Anna. Elsa loses her hope, her faith, her childhood, and fear begins to grow within her heart. Jack Frost's powers can no longer reach her or give her joy and departs.
- King and queen of Arendalle close the kingdom for 13 years.

- Princess Rapunzel of Corona is found.
- King and queen of Arendalle lost at sea.

1843 - Princess Rapunzel of Corona marries Eugene Fitz- ahem Flynn Rider.

- Princess Elsa of Arendalle's coronation. Elsa is Queen.
- Princess Rapunzel and husband visit Arendalle for the coronation.
- Princess Ariel salvages a sunken ship.
- Princess Anna and the Kingdom of Arendalle discover queen Elsa has ice magic.
- queen Elsa isolates herself up on the mountains.
- Jack Frost returns to Arendalle to find a young woman who is unhappy and tries to cheer her up. The young woman full of hope performs ice magic.
- queen Elsa "sings" Let it go.

- Jack Frost teams up with the Guardians of childhood against Pitch Black.
- Jamie Bennett is the first human to see Jack Frost
- Jack Frost is given a coronation to become a Guardian.

So according to the movie of Rise of the Guardians 300 years passed after Jack Frost was born. The movie was made in 2012 so roughly and guessing 1712 is his ano of death.

Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante enrolados and The Little Mermaid all "based" around the 1800s. The Little Mermaid was published in 1837. Rapunzel was published in 1812 and The Snow queen was published 1844. This artigo is heavily based around the Snow Queen's publication to fit the three movie's exist in one realm theory.

The King and queen of Arendalle's death. I tried to see if it would fit, but Rapunzel's wedding was made in 2012 (two years after Tangled). So the wedding took place two years after the King and Queen's death.

(So where were they going? Take your pick. The King and queen of Arendalle were going to: 1) Rapunzel's return party, 2) tv series Once Upon a Time. or 3) ????)