All righty everyone! As my first countdown since my return I figured it would be nice to do something a little shorter than normal, so I decided to focus on just the poofy ballgowns. I've always been a huge fã of poofy dresses. They're just so fun! I amor the huge skirts. Looking over this list I laugh, because it seems like I always like the aspects of the dresses that everyone else hates. Guess I just have unpopular fashion opinions? So anyway, here are fanpop's opinions on them.

5. Ariel's rosa, -de-rosa and white dress

I must say I was sad to see this dress go first. I actually really like it. I amor that it takes influence from the three princesses who came before her. Cinderella's skirt, Aurora's sleeves, and Snow White's sleeve poofs. A lot of people really seemed to dislike the poofy sleeves, but honestly I think they add a nice touch. The only thing I dislike about it is the color. I've never been a fã of bubblegum pink. I think it would look nicer if it was mais of a salmão pink.

Blech, it's awful! One of the worst dresses disney ever did. It was obviously just made to be a thing in the 80's, the puffy sleeves, just, ugh! It's all just so repulsive. And although this countdown isn't about how it looks on the princess, it clashes on her tomate paste hair color none the less. ~Sk8er__grl

Ugh, hideous overload. The big puffy sleeves and the pinched waist just make it so very tacky. And the color is boring and drab, it's not really a pink, if it was suppose to be the animators did horrible. And the dress unlike Tiana's that went perfectly with the mood you were suppose to feel and scenery, this dress didn't match at all. Yeah, one of Disney's darker moments in wardrobe and why Ariel's wardrobe in all is UGH. ~donhaepocorelsa

4. Belle's gold gown

While I adore the color, there's not much else I like about this dress. I'm not a fã of the off the shoulder cut, and the sleeves jut out far too much. The saia is better, I like the darker drapes, but the rest of the gathering doesn't look fabulous in my opinion. To me this dress is just kind of meh compared with the others. Most fãs took issue with either the color, the draping, or both.

I hate the color. ~avatar_tla_fan

It's colour is HORRENDOUS! If not that aspect, I wouldn't mind this dress, because the shate is okay, sleeves and gloves are lovley, but this goldish shade ruined it for me. ~Shiluoih

3. Charlotte's rosa, -de-rosa gown

I like this dress mainly because of the huge skirt. I think it's a lot of fun! The puffy sleeves aren't bad, but I'm not a fã of the collar. It just seems kind of pointless, but I guess it is supposed to be intentionally outlandish. This is Lottie we're talking about, after all. Most fãs didn't like how huge it was.

Too puffy, definitely too puffy. ~sabrinchix

Just too much. ~AllegroGiocoso

2. Tiana's green gown

This is my all time favorito gown. I amor everything about it - the colors, the cut, the flower. I especially like the asymmetrical draping on the skirt. It makes it stand out from the other dresses. I also like how the underskirts are a lighter color, giving the impression that the dress is glowing. Not to mention that it's actually created from the swamp around her! It's just so beautiful and works so well in the setting. Most fãs didn't like the fact that it was made of leaves though, some even calling it unoriginal.

Ugly swamp vegetable. Just ugly. ~iwasneverhere

Tiana's dress is beautiful, but Cinderella's look like it was spun from fairy dust and threads of silver and powedered diamond. If Tiana's dress is magical, Cinderella's is pure magic itself. ~Silverrose1991

1. Cinderella's silver gown

I used to really dislike this dress, mainly because of the poofs on her skirt. I thought they looked kinda clunky and heavy. I still think that, but I've grown to appreciate the other aspects of the vestido as well. The color is gorgeous and I amor the sparkles. This dress was a clear winner, with only two fãs (besides myself) voting that it should be segundo place.

Tiana's green vestido is my all time favourite vestido ^^ But I understand perfectly why Cinderella's silver vestido should be the winner. It's very popular, classical, and memorable. Though the sleeves are a bit problem to me. :)) ~3xZ

I don't like the color >_< ~loveclub4

Many thanks to those who participated in my countdown! Tell me what you think of the results in the comments!