Ariel slowly opened her eyes. She didn't know what had happened. Then she fully opened her eyes and looked to see where she was. She was in the hospital.

Her father stood seguinte to her.

"Ariel, you shouldn't have done what you did. Look what happened. There are consequences for what you do."

"What.. What did I do?"

"You got in a car crash."

"When did I do that? And why are you talking to me? Who are you anyways?"

Her at her stared at her.

"She has amnesia!" He screamed to one of the doctors.

"We figured she would." Said The Doctor. "She was seriously injured. It probably really hurt her."

"Oh, no.. This is awful."

"We will try to get her memory back, but until then, we can't do anything."

Ariel's father looked at Ariel.

"Asking as she's in good hands with you.."

"Don't worry, she is."


Elsa was at the mental hospital. She still believed she as I've powers. Anna has just left her, and Elsa was sitting around. The Doctor had left for a moment. He returned.



"We know you have ice powers."

"I do!"

"Okay then.."

The man grabbed Elsa por her hand, and tried to drag her into another room.

"You will be our weapon, Elsa. For our plan."

"What is the plan? And let me go!"

"Can't tell you, sorry!" Then he laughed and shoved Elsa into the closet.