Snow White was going to be given up for adoption. She didn't know what to do, end of term was tomorrow, and she couldn't bring her grade up from an F to a B por then. She sighed.

Maybe it will be better if I'm given up for adoption.


Elsa had been sent to a mental hospital. Anna was anxiously waiting, hoping her sister would be okay. Then, someone walked out of the room, and walked up to Anna.

"Anna, your sister is going to be here for a long time. She needs as much time as possible for her to recover. I'm so sorry, there's not much we can do, but maybe she'll be better over time."

"Thank you for trying to help. I really hope she gets better."

"Don't worry, we'll take care of her."

Anna tried to smile, but the thought of her sister made her stop.

"We will let you know if anything, good or bad, happens."

"Thank you, bye now."



Ariel was a rebellious teenager. She often went against whatever her dad told her to do. Now, Ariel had met a very handsome man on vacation. She really wanted him to be her boyfriend. However, he lived a long while off, and her dad refused to let her go. Her father also didn't want her having a boyfriend. However, Ariel didn't care. She wanted him to be her boyfriend, and she was going to stop at nothing to get him. He lived miles off, luckily Ariel had just received her driver's license, so she was able to drive to where he lived.

Ariel was ready to start her adventure. She had enough money for gas, and was ready to leave. She started to leave. Now, Ariel was a very inexperienced driver, she didn't really know how to drive that well, but she was confident that she could make it to where Eric lived without getting hurt.

She was driving her car, perfectly. She wasn't making any driving mistakes at al. Then suddenly, a car was zooming down the street. Ariel tried to drive out of the way, but not before the front of the other car slammed into hers.

Ariel was knocked out.

To Be Continued..