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Well, today I'm going to analyze the movie Tangled. This will include taking my opinion, the public's opinion, the critic's opinion.. Etc. To analyze the movie, and find out how people feel about it.

My Opinion
I think this movie is absolutely amazing. I adore Rapunzel, she's my favorito disney Princess, and I amor Flynn too, he's my segundo favorito disney Prince. Mother Gothel is one of my favorito villains, so of course I would amor a movie if I loved the characters. I also amor the plot of the story, I don't think it's that simplistic, although I know people say that. Despite what people say, I think the movie is unique as well. The animation is great, and the lantern scene is absolutely GORGEOUS! I amor the songs too, especially When Will My Life Begin, and Mother Knows Best (Reprise). I absolutely adore this movie and it's my fourth favorito disney Princess movie.

The Critics Opinion

The critics have scored enrolados as an '89%'.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: 98%
Cinderella: 97%
Aladdin: 94%
Beauty and the Beast: 93%
The Little Mermaid: 92%
Sleeping Beauty: 91%

Ahead of:
Mulan: 86%
The Princess and the Frog: 84%
Brave: 78%
Pocahontas: 56%

Tied With:
Frozen: 89%

Overall: Seventh Highest Rated disney Princess Movie por Rotten Tomatoes.

One of the positive reviews:
The prettiness comes with brains, and the whole production, like those newly eye-catching modelos of American-made cars, bespeaks resurgent confidence.
-Joe Morgenstern

One of the negative reviews:

Yet another princess story calculated to revive the public's cash-dispensing interest in that kneaded-to-death formula.
-Dave White

enrolados received an 87% por the audience on Rotten Tomatoes.

Aladdin: 92%
Beauty and the Beast: 92%
The Little Mermaid: 88%

Mulan: 84%
Sleeping Beauty: 80%
Cinderella: 80%
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: 77%
Brave: 76%
The Princess and the Frog: 74%
Pocahontas: 64%

Tied With:
Frozen: 87%

Overall: Fourth Highest Rated On The Users Section of Rotten Tomatoes.

(Public Opinions)

enrolados received a 7.9 out of 10 on IMDB.

Beauty and the Beast: 8.1
Aladdin: 8.0

Frozen: 7.8
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: 7.7
The Little Mermaid: 7.6
Mulan: 7.5
Sleeping Beauty: 7.4
Cinderella: 7.3
The Princess and the Frog: 7.2
Brave: 7.2
Pocahontas: 6.6

Overall: Third Highest Rated disney Princess Movie On IMDB.

Fanpop's Opinion.

Here's the fun part. We get into the songs, the characters, and of course the movie in general.
The opinions on Rapunzel..

Out of 40 fãs picking, the majority seemed to amor Rapunzel. She was liked por many, and hated/disliked por some.

The comments..


KataraLover picked I amor her!:
One of my favorito disney Princesses, third after Ariel and Merida.


uploaded900 picked I like her. :
I like her but shes not very original


MalloMar picked I like her. :
I used to dislike her.


fanlovver picked I amor her!:
tied for 3rd


Sk8er__grl picked I really like her. :
I'm not really sure if I amor her or just really like her. I used to amor her and then I realized what a mary-sue she is, and now she might not be in my topo, início 5 anymore :o


ajotma picked I really like her. :
I used to dislike her but now I really do like her.


ApplesauceDoctr picked I amor her!:
Third favorite.


MissCassecou picked I amor her!:
There's no way I could dislike Rapunzel - she's so sweet and caring and creative and I admire that. She's my fourth favourite.


AudreyFreak picked I dislike her. :
I have moments when I like her but for the most part, no. she's currently my least favorite.


3xZ picked I amor her!:
Very relatable to me!

The opinions on Tangled..



lionkingartist picked I like it. :
It's a nice movie. The villain is cleverly placed not over done. The female lead is a strong character and not ditzy or clumsy and the male lead is secondary (for a change).It's got catchy songs and a well built story line through and through. Although I personally like others mais it's not a bad movie. :-)


PrueFever picked I hate it!:
I really, REALLY hate it! It's way too modern! The humour is too forced and not funny! It tries too hard to be funny and just falls flat! Way too Dreamworks-like for my taste! Maximus, a horse atuação like a dog?! Come on!


AudreyFreak picked I dislike it. :
Well... it's enjoyable so I do like it to a degree, but the morals (or lack of) bother me. no geral, global it's cute, but aside from the great villain, the lead heroine and hero are unoriginal and have questionable moral compasses, the humor is too slapstick, Maximus is annoying and a lazily written comedic character, the soundtrack isn't great, and it was just playing it too safe, giving into political correctness (while also constructing every detail to scream "Buy enrolados merchandise!" It's like they were copying Dreamworks' style to garner the success their filmes got.


fanlovver picked I adore it!:
I amor it! I used to just like it, but I re-watched it, and now I think it expresses emotions and situations beautifully. I see it as a mais expressive movie now than before, and I also think it is an artistic movie.


ApplesauceDoctr picked I like it. :
If not really like it. :)


BelleRose829 picked I like it. :
I mean it's OK, not ground breaking or anything.


iwasneverhere picked I really like it. :
I really do like it, that's why Rapunzel is third on my DP list. Contrary to some recent pieces, ( notably The Princess and the Frog and Frozen), it DID NOT HAVE AN AGENDA--- some no geral, global message to constantly hit me over the head with, and hammer home. I found that with Tangled, disney hit the right mix between the adventure aspect. some slapstick in the main characters, sidekicks, and villains, and some solemnity where it was required. There were very few "filler scenes" which populated TPATF and Frozen, and the plot-line of enrolados kept me interested. I wasn't as bored as I was while watching the other two. The songs were great and not headache-inducing. The ending made sense, and I was not left feeling confused. All in all, it was a fun watch for me, and really entertaining.


Diazdiaz95 picked I really like it. :
I do really like it although I'm not crazy about the soundtrack and I dislike Maximus. Rapunzel is my 3rd favorito princess and Flynn is in my topo, início 3 princes. I like the animation, plot, modern humor and feel, and I amor Pascal. It's not groundbreaking and is pretty seguro but very good.


manu962 picked I really like it. :
I don't "adore" but I quite amor it.

The opinions on the enrolados Songs..


Sk8er__grl picked I like the majority of them. :
I have mixed feelings about them. I don't think their that memorable and some I dare call annoying "coughI'vegotadreamcough" but I amor Mother knows best and mother knows best reprise. I thought WWMLB was pretty good too, but it didn't showcase Mandy Moore's voice to her full Potential. Mother knows best and I see the Light are tied for my favorito songs in the movie. I see the Light was visually stunning and it has this great feel to it. So yeah, I guess I like the majority of the songs, I don't amor them, but I can definitely listen to them and have fun.


BelleRose829 picked Neutral. :
I mean I don't hate them, but they're so pop-ish


iwasneverhere picked I amor the songs!:
I loved Tangled's songs. The only one that lagged a bit was "I've Got A Dream," but buy and large, the songs were great. They were hummable, and memorable. Everyone knows "I See The Light" por now, and Mother Knows Best, as well as "When Will My Life Begin." The singers sang their lyrics with just enough emotion, but without over-singing/ belting and hitting jarring notes to the eardrums ( as happened way too often in Frozen, and to a lesser extent in TPATF). The song lyrics made sense, and didn't conflict with the main characters' motives ( which really happened a lot in Frozen). Overall, the soundtrack is solid, and I am mais likely to listen to Tangled's soundtrack.


MalloMar picked I like the majority of them. :
I like some of them, but I agree with BelleRose, they're a bit too poppish.
I amor Mother Knows Best Reprise and When Will My Life Begin Reprise.
I like When Will My Life Begin and I See the Light.
I'm neutral about/slightly dislike the rest.


audreybrooke picked I amor the songs!:
I really think the soundtrack is excellent!


fluffyduckling picked I amor the songs!:
I like them all.


BraBrief picked I like some, but not others. :
I like only "I See The Light", but I really amor it.

The opinions on Flynn Rider..


Dudespie picked I like him. :
He's not my favourite prince, but I like him as a character. I think he was a little too mean to Rapunzel at the beginning of the movie, but he grew on my over time


iwasneverhere picked I amor him!:
I like him. I just do. He has a sense of humor, (which I melt for in another person). He's third in my prince list, behind Eric and Shang.


BelleRose829 picked I like him. :
Ok. I like him ok.


audreybrooke picked I like him. :
He kind of reminds me of my little brother.


Minuna picked I amor him!:
He's my favorito along with Aladdin!


Sk8er__grl picked I really like him. :
I really do like him. I like how he was the first prince to not want to sing and I like how much he cares for Rapunzel. But I still have problems with him. Like, what was with that sudden change of character? It seriously came out of nowhere. And I don't like how he doesn't suffer for his consequences after he kind of destroyed Corona and didn't suffer just because he "changed" which like I said before, was rushed. And he kind of suffers from the same thing all of enrolados does, he's not original. Sure he has some new characteristics like I stated, but he's basically just Naveen and aladdin combined. So yeah, I like him. But his character certainly has it's bugs and deserves some health criticism.


MalloMar picked I dislike him. :
*Gulp* I'm the first to leave a negative comment on Eugene....
Okay. I don't have any real good reasons for disliking him.
I just think his humor is forced. He tries too hard to be funny. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way. He seems pretty conceited, too.


cruella picked I dislike him. :
He's my least favorito prince. I find really annoying and full of himself, even after he reforms he's still a snob. And his jokes aren't funny at all, and his reformation is very sudden and forced.

Rapunzel VS. Flynn


audreybrooke picked Rapunzel. :
Rapunzel's really cute and likeable. Flynn is too, but to a lesser extent.


uploaded900 picked Flynn. :
Flynn is an awesome, flawed, well developed character. I like Rapunzel, but she's very generic.


PeacefulCritic picked Rapunzel. :
Rapunzel is a fun character. But Flynn I never really liked or hate. But Rapunzel just strait out assume that Mother was evil over just noticing a sun in her paintings was kind a of stupid and didn't make since much even if she did turn out to be right. She is quite assuming over this and it isn't smart to bife without a plan. Specially in what kind of assuming she was doing. It is like I noticed that this person kept going on the same pesquisas I was and agree on most of them and me assuming that he/she's a stalker. It's stupid and is a mistake to assume like that and is the reason why I don't put her any farther. They do have Flynn be the first prince to have a bad record.(not counting Alddin) Which is an interesting choice. I would of liked to explore it mais than I would've picked him but what we got was ok.


BelleRose829 picked Rapunzel. :
She's charming. She is rather cute, like so cute, she's SCUTE.

The Opinions On Mother Gothel..


ApplesauceDoctr picked I like her. :
At the least. I might really like her.


PeacefulCritic picked I like her. :
I was really hoping she will be a hero through.


manu962 picked I amor her!:
One of the best villains.


misscindyspice picked I amor her!:
My favorito villain <33


3xZ picked I really like her. :
She's an awesome villain and mother XD (her Mother Knows Best is very true for me). She's cunning but stupid for telling a lot and real things to Rapunzel.

The Opinions on the Animation Compared To Other CGI DP Movies

enrolados is mostly positively received por critics, the public, and fanpop, but received some negative as well. Rapunzel is loved por many, and hated por some as well. Flynn is less loved than Rapunzel, but seems to be the segundo favorite. Mother Gothel received mixed opinions, some hated her and some liked her. The animation wasn't thought to be the best of the CGI, but it was thought to be good. Many liked the songs, but many do not, especially when it comes to I've got a dream. The songs are considered unmemorable outside of fanpop. Overall, it was either no geral, global loved, liked, disliked, and (very few said) hated.

I hope you enjoyed the analysis!
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