Well, I've already re-done my my first article, My favorito disney Princesses, so I thought I would re-do my segundo one. I won't re-do all of my articles, but I wanted to re-do some of my earlier ones, because my opinions have changed and my composição literária style has improved throughout the artigos I've written, it's not just because I'm running out of articles, and I promise that I'll have my seguinte soundtrack review up soon, (wow, this artigo is old, I just came back to it and realized this was here. XD. I should get back to the soundtrack reviews though, so just keep leitura that.) I'm still trying to decide which movie I want to do the soundtrack for, so if you have a suggestion, please let me know in the comments. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Merida.
Yes, Merida DOES sing in the movie, for a small part of it. She sings a lovely little song called "Noble Maiden Fair" with her mother, in a flashback from the movie. BUT, she doesn't sing as the sixteen ano old she is in the movie, she sings as a small child. Being young, her voice is, of course, not nearly as powerful as the others, nor does it have as much range. Like the song, her voice is quote lovely, and nice, but the others are older, with mais powerful voices.

12. Cinderella.
I feel bad having her so low, she has such a nice voice! However, there are others with better voices, in my opinion. Her voice is soothing, and beautiful. (Well, in a way.) I honestly don't think the voice fits cinderela though. Even if it doesn't fit her, it's still a very pretty voice. It's not as high as the others because I enjoy the others mais than hers.

11. Rapunzel.
This is someone I really don't want to out low, but, well.. Her voice isn't the best. It has emotion, but not that much power to it, and it's nothing special, in my opinion. While I do like it, the others have mais of a special flare to them, that make then better voices, and that's why she's so low.

10. Anna.
Such a shame she's so low, I do like her voice. It's really pretty, and it fits her. It also goes along really well with the songs in the movie. She also has a lot of power in her voice. I just dint really like her voice as much as the others though. It's nice, and it has power, but I just don't like it as much as the others, I think it lacks the style that I like in disney Princess voices.

9. Aurora.
My favoritos list sure differs a lot from my cantar voice list, the majority of my topo, início 5 has left before the majority of my bottom 5. Anyways, we are now at the point where I think the voices are really great, not just decent or nice. Aurora has a a great voice! It's strong, has power to it, (and although the voice doesn't suit her, in my opinion.) I really amor her voice! However, I don't really like her voice as much as the rest.

8. Elsa.
She should be higher, definitely. But however, I prefer the other voices. She has a really amazing voice though! It's really powerful, one of the most powerful disney Princess voices, but here's the problem. Her voice is really "Broadway style" and I've never really liked that too much. (That's actually the reason I don't like For the First Time In Forever that much, but I'll get to that some other time.) Her voice is probably one of my favorito broadway voices though.

7. Belle.
I don't find it to be that powerful, but I do absolutely amor her voice! She has a really unique voice, with a bit of an accent to it, and I really like that. It's really nice to listen to, and although it's my least favorito Renaissance disney Princess Voice, I still absolutely amor it, though she lacks power, in my opinion.

6. Snow White.
The last of my topo, início three, and the segundo to last of my topo, início five, to be eliminated. I wonder how many of you could have guessed it would have been Snow White? (Okay, you probably did guess it, I've really been loving her a lot lately.) Now, Snow White's voice my be high, but it's also really beautiful. I don't understand how others can say that it's painful to listen to, I don't think it is at all. I actually DO like that it's high, it's very beautiful, although there is probably a point where it gets a little too high. Although her voice is really beautiful, especially in 'Someday My Prince Will Come', I don't think that's it's as good as the others, and at one or two points when she's singing, it can get too high.

5. Pocahontas.
No, Miss Voice of Perfection, Voices of the Mountain didn't win. I know I'm going to get hate for this, but it actually kind of makes me glad, because that shows it's one of the few things Pocahontas isn't underrated in. Anyways, her voice is absolutely amazing, but the problem is, I don't think it's as unique, or has a really special tone to it. Her voice is fantastic, but the others have a mais unique sound to them, in my opinion.

4. Jasmine.
The last of my topo, início five to be eliminated, and it's my number five. Oh, and yes, I separated jasmim and mulan even though they're both voiced (in singing) por Lea Salonga, because I honestly think that her voice sounds completely different between the two, and I find her as mulan to be better. However, I absolutely amor her voice as jasmim as well! It has less power to it, but it has just as much emotion, and it's higher than Mulan's voice, which I really like. Anyways, Jasmine's voice is amazing but my topo, início three have mais power than she does in her voice.

3. Ariel.
Another popular voice has been eliminated, whoops. Her voice is phenomenal, but I think the others are better than hers is. I think Ariel can sound nasal at times, and she lacks the power that my topo, início two have, but still, her voice is absolutely fantastic! It works really well with 'Part of Your World' and it really suits her. It's definitely one of the best disney Princess voices, in my opinion, but like I said before, I find my topo, início two to have mais power, and they don't really sound nasal, although Ariel doesn't sound nasal too often.

2. Mulan.
Her voice is absolutely amazing! In my opinion, it's definitely the best out of the two disney Princesses Lea Salonga does the cantar for. It has far mais power than Jasmine's voice, and it shows around the same level of emotion, maybe even more. However, my number one has even mais power, in my opinion.

1. Tiana.
Her voice is AMAZING! In my opinion, there's no doubt that she has the most power of the disney Princess voices, her voice is so strong, and displays so much emotion. I think she has the best disney voice too, and one of the best voices ever! Almost There is honestly only one of my favorito songs because of Tiana's voice. So anyways, I'm not sure if she por far has the best voice, but she does have the best voice, in my opinion.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the article. Do you agree or disagree with my placements? I really want to know what people think, so it would mean a lot if you comment. Anyways, thank you for reading!