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So I decided just to list some of my favorito disney Princess stuff. Keep in mind this is my opinion. Enjoy the article! :)

Favorite disney Princesses:
13. Anna (dislike)
12. Aurora (neutral)
11. Elsa (neutral)
10. Pocahontas (like)
9. jasmim (like)
8. Snow White (really like)
7. Belle (really like)
6. Ariel (love)
5. cinderela (love)
4. Merida (absolutely love)
3. Tiana (absolutely love)
2. mulan (adore)
1. Rapunzel (adore beyond measure)

Favorite disney Princess Voices:
13. Merida (nice)
12. cinderela (nice)
11. Snow White (nice)
10. Anna (good)
9. jasmim (good)
8. Elsa (great)
7. Aurora (great)
6. Belle (great)
5. Rapunzel (wonderful)
4. Pocahontas (wonderful)
3. mulan (fantastic)
2. Ariel (amazing)
1. Tiana (out of this world amazing)

Favorite disney Princess MOVIES:
12. Sleeping Beauty (okay)
11. Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante (okay)
10. Valente (like)
9. Pocahontas (really like)
8. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (really like)
7. Beauty and the Beast (really, really like)
6. cinderela (love)
5. aladdin (love)
4. The Princess and the Frog (really love)
3. The Little Mermaid (really, really love)
2. enrolados (adore it)
1. mulan (adore it beyond measure)

And as a little special thing for leitura this, my favorito disney Princes!
11. Naveen (dislike)
10. John Smith (neutral)
9. Shang (like)
8. Prince (like)
7. Philip (like)
6. Beast (like)
5. Flynn (really like)
4. Kristoff (really like)
3. Eric (love)
2. Charming (love)
1. aladdin (really love)

Hope you enjoyed the article! :)
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 Fanpop, fanpop, on the screen, who is the fairest disney heroine of them all?
Fanpop, fanpop, on the screen, who is the fairest Disney heroine of them all?
Finally we've gotten to the topo, início 10 most beautiful disney heroines! Very surprising results, a ano or two atrás you'd think this would be rigged but the comments don't lie. Overall, people found these women to be beautiful and for good reason. This artigo will include the comments like part 1 did, ironic that only the first and last part have the comments. Anyway, just like the others, I will talk about what fanpop thought and then what I think. Please comment but keep in mind this is fanpop's opinion, not mine. Enjoy!

 She's cute, but can have beautiful shots. She definitely isn't unattractive though.- CRaZy_rawR
She's cute, but can have beautiful shots. She definitely isn't...
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 What? Why do people hate any disney princesses; I don't understand!
What? Why do people hate any disney princesses; I don't understand!
Bonjour! Today I just wanted to defend a personal favourite of mine: queen Elsa of Arendelle. I know she's been getting a lot of hate lately and I don't know why, so I just wanted to point out why I like her and the good things about her. And why do people hate any disney princess? I see plenty of hate piled on Ariel, who I've loved for years, and Snow White, who's adorable, and some of the others that I amor as well, (all of them, hehe!). So if anybody can answer the título question, that would be fantastic cause it's really been bothering me.

Anyway, here we go

Why I like Elsa -

- She has magical...
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First, let’s look at the living environment of these girls. This will give context and incentive for their specific wants and needs.


Snow, Cindy, and Aurora grow up isolated and have no (human) friend - they only have animais for company.

In addition to growing up isolated, both Snow and Cindy grew up orphaned young girls and directly suffer due to a jealous older woman: the queen dresses Snow in rags and forces her to be a scullery maid; Lady Tremaine abuses, humiliates, and forces Cindy to become a servant.

Summary: wants someone to...
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When I comment on one pick and other fãs wonder why I say so, it inspires me to make an artigo to explain mais in the best way. I find a lot similarities of Elsa with Periwinkle (Secret of the Wings), Ralph and Vanellope (Wreck-it Ralph), Zarina (The Pirate Fairy), and Maleficent (Maleficent).

 John Lasseter's Blue and Spikey "White" Hair
John Lasseter's Blue and Spikey "White" Hair

Similarities between Periwinkle & Elsa:
- Both have ice power
- Both ice are spreading quickly like fogo (okay, not definitely Periwinkle's ice but ice from Periwinkle's place)
- Both have white hairs, or whatever platinum blonde which looks...
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The weird thing is that I haven't done a list about their original voices, but anyway, since I'm greek, I'd like to make this artigo first. :) Sorry for putting some non-DP girls, but I put them because I really liked their voices and I wanted to say something about them. Also sorry if the quality of the songs is not good, but it was difficult to find nice greek versions and not fandubs. Enjoy!

15) Ariel: Anna Rossi
This is the '99 version, not the original, but I decided to put that too. I hate that voice! I mean, she can sing well and it fits Ariel better, but she sounds too bitchy and sexy...
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Here's part 2 of the results of the countdown and unfortunately I won't be showing comments because the pergunta that I made asking for the bottom 15 least beautiful of the remaining comment I accidentally deleted before getting some comments for. Anyway this is the public's opinion, not mine, mine would be much different. no geral, global people found these ladies to be at least pretty in some way. Please comment and enjoy!

She just barely made it to the topo, início 30 but thankfully she made it. People found her cute and pretty. They praised her gorgeous hair but thought everything else about...
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Bonjour! So this is a top-twelve countdown of my favourite disney villains. Pretty simple, I guess. (WARNING - contains spoilers)

So shall we begin?

12. Governor Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

 And he came so highly recommended
And he came so highly recommended

I hate this dude because he's greedy and selfish and actually kind of stupid and blind through his greed and amor of gold. He pretends to go on the voyage to help other people find their lives but instead utilises them for his own benefits and not theirs. When he is told that there is no gold in Virginia, he turns blind and possessed, and will stop at nothing to make sure...
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