I've been thinking to do this artigo for a long time. Please excuse if my artigo is poorly written but i'm french and english isn't my native language. Enjoy!


I don't dislike Rapunzel as much I used to but i don't like her either. First of all,It really annoys me that everybody loves her when they meet her. Secondly,I just feel that disney tried too hard to make her funny (for example the scene when she from happy to sad again and again, it was nnoying). In therm of personality,sometimes she's sweet,creative and very cute but most of the time she's irritating,annoying and too childish


Merida has a very interesting character development and I like that she realize her own faults. Her personality is just okay, I like how adventurous and free-spirited she is but sometimes she's bratty ,whiny and rude. Overall, I'm just neutral about her.

9.Snow White

I like Snow White. She's sweet,funny and cute. But for some reasons I don't really connect with her character.


I really like Aurora, I amor how dreamy,romantic,flirty,playful,shy and elegant she is. She's a very charming characters. She'd probably be higher if she was mais active and if she had mais screen time


Tiana is a very refreshing and a very inspiring character. I amor her when she's human. She's ambitious,independent,smart,hard-working and determined. But when she turns into a frog she became dull and flat.Overall I really like her and I think she's awesome but sometimes she's bores me.


I absolutely amor Pocahontas before color of the wind, she's fun-loving,daring,curious,spirited and willful but after Color of the wind she became a little bit bland, I still like her,but not as much as the first half of the movie.


She's so underrated. I always loved her, she was my ultimate favorito princess when I was young. She's kind,hopeful,positive,calm and hard-working. She's a very strong character and most of the princess wouldn't be able to survive her situation. She's a wonderful character


I have a complicated relation with Ariel, she used to be my favorite,my least favorito and now she's in the topo, início 5. I like that she's determined and goes after her dreams , but I loathe that when she's on the land, she seems to don't care about her family . She has an amazing personality, she's romantic,funny,curious,spirited and fun-loving. If it wasn't for her incredible personality, she'd be in the bottom of my list


mulan is one of the most interesting disney character ever created. I like that she starts clumsy,introverted,smart,funny,smart girl and became a brave,courageous and strong women. I can relate to her a lot because like her, I want to make my family proud and i'm awkward and very insecure about myself.


I amor Jasmine. I amor how non-judgmental she is,I amor that she stands up for what she believes,I amor the fact that her best friend is a tiger. She's smart,kind,sweet and caring but sassy,head-strong and stubborn. I amor jasmim to death, but she can't beat my favorite.


I absolutely amor Belle. She's kind,brave,smart,kind,caring,curious and courageous. People say she's perfect, but I disagree, she's stubborn,feisty and a little bit snobbish. She don't judge people por their appearance and she's very loyal to her family and her friends. Belle is my favorito princess and will forever be.

Thanks for reading!