It's been over a ano since I last wrote this artigo and my opinions has changed since then so here's an updated list. I'm planning on doing this with their Swedish cantar Voices too

10. Belle

I honestly don't understand why people loves her cantar voice. First of all her voice is a little annoying and not a voice I could listen to all day. segundo her voice doesn't suit Belle imo. If her voice wasn't so annoying it would be a little higher on this list

9. Jasmine

Once again I decided to seperate jasmim and mulan even though Lea Salonga did the cantar voice to both of them. Anyway I can't hear her excitement to see a new world and she also sounds a little annoying at some parts of the song

8. Ariel

The reason to why she's placed higher than the 2 below is because I don't find her voice to be so annoying, but she sounds nasall which is sort of annoying especially in Part Of Your World, that's one of the reasons to why I prefer the reprise, she sounds much better in the reprise though she still sounds nasall

7. Pocahontas

I'm starting to amor her voice more, it's a very powerful voice and does suit Pocahontas quite well, but her voice doesn't give me goosebumps, I don't know why I can't place her higher than this

6. Mulan

I know that she and jasmim has the same actress providing their cantar voices, but Lea Salonga did a better job voicing Mulan, when she sings Reflection I can feel her sadness. Her voice also sounds better than when she voiced Jasmine, here her voice isn't annoying at all, I just happen to amor the 5 above more

5. Cinderella

After rewatching cinderela last week I realised that I didn't like Cinderella's cantar voice as much as I used to. But it's a very sweet and soft voice that makes me calm and I feel her emotions in all of her songs, but the voice is a bit too old for cinderela and also the voice isn't very impressive compared to the 4 above

4. Rapunzel

Her voice is amazing, not just because it's done por a famour singer (Mandy Moore), but also because I really feel Rapunzel's emotions in her songs especially during When Will My Life Begin and it's reprise. She's not any higher though because she sounds a little bit annoying in some parts of her songs

3. Snow White

I'm one of the few here who thinks her voice is beautiful, not only does the voice suit her character, but it's also both a beautiful and impressive voice especially during Someday My Prince Will Come, her voice makes me emotional during that song and it's the main reason to why it's my favorito disney Song. But I just amor the 2 above more

2. Tiana

This is my favorito Tiana, her voice is jazzy and suits her character. I can feel her emotions during Almost There and it's reprise. But I just prefer my number 1 more

1. Aurora

After rewatching Sleeping Beauty last friday I was in amor with Aurora's cantar voice, I had loved it before, but now I was so much in amor with it that it became my favorito disney Princess cantar Voice. While the voice is too old for Aurora it's such a pure and beautiful voice that I look past the fitting problem.