Don't worry, seguinte time, this won't be the topo, início picture.
I made an updated version not long ago, but within what, two weeks it was outdated again. So I told myself "Stop spamming the artigos section and wait till Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante is out so you can make a list with Anna and Elsa." But then I thought that since there's another mês until Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante comes out, I should just make a list for October and then a list for November when Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante does come out.

ANYWAYS, with all that babbling, let's get started! Please remember that this is my opinion, so it is okay to have different placings, but please don't be rude about my list. Enjoy! :)

11: cinderela (Formerly 11)

Well, initially I disliked her because I thought she was too perfect, thus making her an unrealistic character. I still think she is quite unrealistic, but I'm guessing (haha, I don't really know myself either) it partly bothered me she never said "thank you" to the Fairy Godmother for giving her a dress, carriage and all that stuff. She just said "This is like a dream, a wonderful dream come true." and "This was mais than I ever hoped for." No "thank you." Well, when the Fairy Godmother said "No need to thank me, my dear." cinderela did say "Oh I wasn't, I mean, I was..." but she never directly says thank you. I guess that's only a minor thing to a lot of people, but seriously, this fairy comes and gives you all this stuff and makes your dreams come true and you don't even say thank you? That kind of bothers me. Of course, she did say thank you to the Fairy Godmother after the ball, but it's not like the Fairy Godmother has supersonic hearing. But I do really like her message of never giving up and how she is dreamy and hardworking.

10: Aurora (Formerly 10)

Do I really need to repeat this? No, I don't dislike Aurora, in fact,I amor her. But I just amor the above nine more! I want to put Aurora higher so bad, but I don't want to put anyone above her on this list lower. It's a lose-lose situation, so Aurora sadly stays tenth.

9: Pocahontas (Formerly 9)

As I've stated in my last list, she doesn't really do anything despite the amount of screentime she is given. Let me clear this up, Aurora had a good excuse to do nothing, she was asleep, Pocahontas just really doesn't do anything. She had mais personality in the first half of the film, then, it's as if the not-yet-invented vacuum sucked all of her personality out. I'm sorry, I like Poca and all, but compared to all the other DPs she has little to no personality. The reason she's above Aurora is because she was pretty interesting in the first 20 or so minutos of the movie.

8: Ariel (Formerly 7)

I bet you were starting to think my list hasn't changed at all. Ariel hasn't changed much, and my opinion on her hasn't changed much. I still think she's too darn adorable, but otherwise a pretty bland character. I don't mean she's a boring character, I just mean she doesn't have much else to her personality other than being cute and curious, not to mention romantic. She is enjoyable, but I can't say there's too much else to her character. Overall, I'm pretty neutral about Ariel. I don't think she's terrible but she isn't that good a character either. She's just okay.

7: Snow White (Formerly 6)

Aw, sweet little Snow. Now here's the cutest disney Princess ever. Oh, Ariel's cute, but Snow White is cuter. I like Snow White very much, she is cute, romantic, kind, motherly, bossy and childish all at the same time. She's actually a very good character and really fun to watch. But the reason she dropped was because she is too... weak? No, I don't know how to explain it. You see, my topo, início 6 all have pretty high levels of independence, while Snow White's independence level isn't as high. Don't get this wrong, she has independence, it's just that compared to my topo, início 6, she seems pretty dependent. But otherwise, I enjoy Snow and she is nonetheless a very interesting character.

6: mulan (Formerly 5)

mulan is getting lower and lower por the day. Soon, She's going to be lower than Snow, I reckon. It's not that I don't like Mulan, she's a very good role model and a pretty epic lead, but her charm doesn't last for me. I remember the first time I watched mulan I had though "Wow, she's like, one of the best DPs ever!" but then her charm fades and she just gets lower. Like Ariel, I'm mainly neutral about mulan but sometimes I do think she is one of the most overrated Princesses ever. Other times, I remind myself that mulan is a good and solid character and stop picking on that girl. But in the end, I have to give mulan 6th just because I recently developed a fondness towards one particular Princess.

5: Belle (Formerly 4)

Nooooooo! Belle, when did you end up here? Just barely clearing my topo, início 5 mark, is Belle. I had some debate whether to put her lower since although I do like the Princess who bumped her better, I hadn't watched BATB for a long time, and maybe I would like Belle better again after I watched the movie again. But I finally had to give in since my overwhelming amor for the DP above Belle was drowning Belle in her number-4 place, and if I didn't mover her immediately to 5th Belle probably would have drowned. (IDK what I just said, that was really aleatório LOL) In general, I amor Belle, wish I could put her higher, but sadly, I can't :(

4: Merida (Formerly 8)

Here is who bumped Belle, Mulan, Snow and Ariel. I cannot explain my sudden liking towards Merida. I cannot. All I can say is when I think of Merida, I think of this: <333333333333 I amor Merida, I don't really see why everyone STILL hates her. I mean, I admit I was a Merida hater at the beginning because I thought she was too different and broke every disney tradition I could think of except for being a Princess. But perhaps right now I'm being biased because I can relate a lot to Merida. Unfortunately, she just can't beat my topo, início 3 because I consider them as unbeatable. Well, maybe Anna and Elsa can beat them but we've yet to see their movie just yet.

3: jasmim (Formerly 3)

por now I think you can tell none of my topo, início 3 has changed, so is there really need to explain why they are in my topo, início 3? But I will do so anyways, in case you haven't read my last list. I amor jasmim because she is sassy and charming, she holds this explainable charm to me. I amor how she is smart and a quick learner and stands up for what she believes in even though she might not have the potential to do it. I guess I just don't like the fact that she seems pretty spoiled and expects to get what she wants, but then again, she's been raised as a Princess in a palace her whole life, so it's acceptable that she is spoiled.

2: Tiana (Formerly 2)

Tiana = the most inspiring disney Princess. I know you probably know this, as I have said this in my last two articles. Tiana teaches us the best message ever, that you should work hard for your dream and not just sit around wishing for it. I never really thought Tiana could be beaten on the list, but from what I've seen, I'm pretty sure Anna can beat her. But that is another story you will hear in November.

1: Rapunzel (Formerly 1)

Is anyone actually surprised? Rapunzel has been gracing the topo, início of my list since 2010. I amor how charismatic she is, and how she is a dreamer and a child, yet mature at the same time. I really don't see any major flaws on her, but of course everyone is different and different people see different characters differently, so I'm sure many people have found flaws about her.

Anyways, thanks for leitura and I hope you liked it :)
These two ladies will have to wait their turn on this list...