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posted by bluethunder25
Belle, Nostalgia Critic regards her as one of the best animated characters ever and I have to agree. She's strong, adventurous, doesn't really care what people think of her, doesn't take crap from no one........and yet.....at the same time......it's those same traits that make her kind of ANNOYING!!!! Don't get me wrong. Belle is great. She's hot, she's smart, and she's strong, but you see, the thing is while those are good traits for a perfect to have, Belle has way too many good traits. She is too freakin' stinkin' PERFECT!!!!! She is like the ultimate good model of Disney. She always wants to do the right thing, she's not shallow, she never think about doing anything, sneaky or sly or underhanded or devious. And the straw that breaks the camel's back, SHE DOESN'T LOSE A SINGLE ARGUEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seems like when she's in a dispute with someone, she's always the one who's right. She's always the one on topo, início in an argument and she always has a response for everything and she just can't lose a single argument! She doesn't have a single negative trait and quite frankly, I find characters like that irritating! Now, I am in no way, shape, or form, a male, shovanest pig or a sexist person por any stretch of the imagination, but here's the thing, strong female characters annoy me!! In fact, strong females in general annoy me. mais particularly, the sassy-tongued ones. I just hate how in filmes or TV shows, strong females characters are portrayed as the ultimate answer to males who other females perceive as 'The Devil,' how they're perceived as 'great role modelos that the world needs mais of' and how critics of filmes and TV shows don't even have a single bad thing to say about them and are always, ALWAYS on their side. And the same thing applies in real life too. If you watch shows like Jerry Springer, Maury, or....*shutters* Steve Wilkos, on those shows, the females usually are the victim and the male is the ultimate anti-Christ. And don't even get me started on Erica Enders, the famous drag racer, and Marny Piper from the Halloweentown series, I can't even put into words the level of HATRED I have for those two!! But while I may be occasionally annoyed por strong females, I certainly do not hate MOST of them and as a matter a fact, I encourage lots of females to be strong and independent . The only thing I ask is that you not be so freakin perfect and act like gifts from Heaven. So in terms of disney Princesses, I guess I've come to see that Belle is probably my least favorito of them, but I certainly don't hate and I think she belongs in the line. I just wish that one time, ONE TIME, she would do something....bad, something wrong, something devious or at least act a tad mean once in a while.
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We can't seem to get enough of these three, who have recently become the most popular disney Princesses!! So, why not bring them back in their own film? When a family crisis breaks out the two blonde cousins (which is revealed, as well as the fact that all blondes in the family have powers, thus Anna does not as she is a brunette) must head into action, leaving Anna behind to feel left out. However, as expected, they underestimated the situation and send a distress call. Anna does not believe she will be of any use, but checks it out anyway to see if she could get help for them elsewhere. But what she doesn't know is that she has a different power, one of amor and determination. She must get them out without magic (or cliches!). It is not an easy task, and audiences will be on the edge of their seat!
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I judged this por what he said, and where I assumed very Princess would be placed, I will show what he said, and my conversation with him throughout asking him. Keep in mind that he's only 5, so I don't want to see any comments angry at his opinion, he's just a little kid.

Also, I'm going to be doing it por how he said it, so you may see phrases like "I like her because she hit him with frying pan."

And sorry for no pictures, he didn't want to use them.
13. Cinderella
I don't like her because she just work and dance.
But do you like how she acted?
Did you like ANYTHING about her?
No shes not good....
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posted by iwasneverhere
Okay. Hello, it’s me providing aleatório thoughts as usual. I’m not sure my ramblings are worth reading, but I offer them up, anyway.

Today’s topic is a whole mish-mash. I will be telling you indirectly which filmes I like (of the disney Princess cohort) along with some others that aren’t strictly princess filmes (Disney canon). I’ll make it simple for everyone, though. It will be favorito villains, favorito aleatório hot guys, favorito aleatório cool gals, favorito aleatório singers and voice actors/actresses that carried the movie, without whom it would have flopped entirely as an idea, and...
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Aurora = I've noticed a lot of people (mostly teens/young adults) who go to see Aurora usually complain about her being snobby and rude toward them because they're not kids. It's just, I've never heard any good reviews on the Aurora face character at all. Maybe it's because she's not as popular as all the other new princesses? I know Anna and Elsa must be getting buttloads of people meeting them everyday, so maybe the face character for Aurora just feels kinda down and useless because she's not visited as much as the other one's are.

Elsa = I know I probably have no place to judge on this, but...
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Dear Frozen,

Thank you. Thank you for being pretty much the only realistic portrayal of amor in mainstream media in the last- oh, I don’t know- at least five years.

Thank you for showing that Hans, the handsome gallant prince of the Southern Isles who seemed a perfect match for Anna is fallible. Thank you for showing that the idea of a “one perfect match” isn’t necessarily realistic. Thank you for showing us that amor is like with Kristoff, how everyone has their rough edges, how no one can fit the mold of perfection. Thank you for reminding us that “everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper,...
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Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante (2013)
Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante
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posted by randarful
This is my first artigo on this website, so I thought I'd start with my opinions on how I feel about each one! I had a little bit of a hard time ranking them because I just really amor them all so much!! I suppose it's because one of my college english professors thought they were all horrible role models, so I always feel the need to defend them all because all her reasons are based off of things that never happened in the movie. I also wanted to stay pretty positive for the most part because I feel like they get enough hate already.

13. Surprise, surprise...Aurora's at the bottom. However...
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