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 ....Well this is awkward
....Well this is awkward
Get ready for the stupidest story ever......*If I were you, I'd leave now*

The two good faries had already given Aurora her gifts of Beauty and Song, but Merryweather still had hers to give. Merryweather was just about to give her gift, but then, out of no where, the evil and diabolical....wait where is she? "Cut. Where's Maleficent? We can't do this film without her, she is the only interesting character in this story *not my view, not my view, not my view*. Okay, change in plans, Merryweather give your gift now, andddd action." Merryweather then sprinkled her magic and said her words that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. "Well, I give Aurora the power to....be strong and invincible!" And with that everyone began to clap and celebrate as Aurora stayed bunched up in her blankets. minutos later, Aurora's mother decided to check on her beauty baby gir-wait why was there a rock in Aurora's carriage? Aurora's mother began to panic, but soon the rock began to sing and it was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. Then queen Leah took a segundo look at that rock, it sure was beautiful, the most beautiful rock she had ever seen. The rock had all the right moves in all the right places and curves that would make the boys faint. Surely this rock wasn't her daughter, but then she remember Merryweather wished for her to be strong and invincible, two characteristics of rocks.... queen Leah knew this rock was her daughter, and she decided she would raise it into a beautiful young boulder.

15 Years Later
"Mom can I go take a walk?" Aurora asked her mother. "Well, I guess...but be careful! Last time someone almost threw you in a pond." Aurora rolled outside and began to sing her song that she had sang so many times before, "I wonder, I wonder, if I keep on rolling I'll roll into a human's body," but this time was different, this time, as she rolled down the colina at an uncontrollable speed she began to transform into a human. "Oh this is wonderful!" She got up and looked at her reflection in the water and was appalled! Her neck was .5 inches too long. With that she decided she was too ugly and decided to drown herself in the pool. The end! *Don't worry, she ended up becoming a mermaid, only to be killed 5 days later por Ariel because Ariel was jealous of Aurora's pointy chin which could easily slice peixe to eat*
 But rocks are so last century!
But rocks are so last century!
 Their wonderful hair makes me jealous
Their wonderful hair makes me jealous
Hell, I am having a good hair day! Or not? Well, whatever, I’m in amor with the disney princess hair. So, hair’s a great physical feature we all have got. Yea, all of us rock it! And I amor how it varies much less on tastes. According to opinions, Someone’s eyes seem too big or too small, someone’s body can be too thin or too fat, our nose can be too big or too small, we can have too thick or too thin eyebrows and can have too thick or too thin lips. But hair rarely gets such opinions, right? My hair is a shade of dark ginger hair, which is down to my waist and is wavy . I amor my hair,...
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 Who is that girl I see Staring straight back at me?
Who is that girl I see Staring straight back at me?
I won't rate princesses, just put them into three categories. It'd be difficult to rate them because all princesses from the first categorie would equally be the last. There is no a princess who is absolutely like me but there are some that are nothing like me.

Princesses I don't relate to at all(random order)

 It's not my dream job.
It's not my dream job.

Tiana is a definition of hard-working and energetic, while I am lazy, slothful, self-indulgent and dreamy person. I don't like cooking and I'm not good at it. Tiana and Naveen's romance is also unrelatable because Naveen is a) Tiana's polar oppossite, b)...
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Woooow guys it's been like a ano since I posted an artigo on here or was even active at all. But we really wanted to do this again because we had so much fun link

I'm doing this with four different users (one of which isn't even here anymore but she’s amazing so {< she added that}): _CatWoman_, Hajirah4, Sk8er__grl, and misscindyspice. This is the average of our filmes rankings (including Moana, I know it hasn't been officially added yet, but still).

Enjoy! Keep in mind that we're a little bit crazy. It was the middle of the night and I had a ton of ice cream, come on.

Also this can be...
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oi everybody! This is the third artigo in my series of countdowns, and I really enjoyed this one. I like every single outfit in this countdown, so it was a lot of fun for me.

Previous Articles

5. Mulan's green, black, and brown armor

I was so sad that this was the first outfit to be eliminated. I think mulan looks so badass in it! However, I can see why users didn't like it since it is an outfit that was made to be functional, not fashionable.

this is not supposed to flatter Mulan, but still a very boring dress if were to wear separately. ~anukriti2409
Well it's a man's armor so...it...
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"For the First Time in Forever" Parody
Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante
for the first time in forever
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 Winner: “Breaking Free” made por snsdlover4ever
Winner: “Breaking Free” made by snsdlover4ever
Before I begin I would like to make a public apology to all my fellow DP fans. It has been a difficult ano for me, and I haven’t been doing very well with keeping up with my ícone contests, especially this one. Thus, only about half of the months were finished. I am very sorry, and I have made some adjustments that should help me do a better job of staying accountable. Thank you for understanding.
Now, with that aside, I am pleased and honored to announce the ícone that you fellow DP fãs voted, out of countless entries, the best ícone of 2014!

* Drum Roll *

“Breaking Free” made por snsdlover4ever!!...
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This is part two of my artigo series, and we're moving onto Belle, who is ranked twelve in my favoritos list.

Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

The first time I watched "Beauty and the Beast" was a loooong time ago. My mother loved, and still loves, that movie, along with my sister. Naturally, they made me watch it over.. and over.. and over. No matter what though, I never got a real opinion of Belle. She was just kind of there. At all my costume parties, and such, my mom and older sister always tried me to dress up in Belle attire for Halloween, but I left that for all the other girls....
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Authors note: As some of you may know, I have recently rejoined fanpop after a long absence. Before I left, I wrote the first two parts of this story. You do not have to read them to understand the rest of the story but it might help :). I was a bit unsure whether to continue composição literária so if you could all tell me what you think I would be very grateful.
Part 1 - link
Part 2 - link

Merida - Chapter 6

With nothing mais than a simple glance, Merida could tell the pale blond girl was from somewhere else. While most people were wearing simple black cloths with no torcs or necklaces, the stranger wore...
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