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My little sister, she's nine years old, is really into disney Princess and she's been bugging to me let her do this all week. So If you want to see a child's perspective of the princesses, here you go. My composição literária is plain, her's is in bold.

10.Snow White
She's my #10 because her voice is very annoying. And I think she's really dumb but still think she's interesting.

Aurora is this low because half of the movie she is sleeping but she is still very pretty and charming.

Cindrella is my #8 because she stays with her step family even when they treat her like crap.

I really like Rapunzel. That's it.

I amor her voice and that she is free spirted.

What i amor aboutbelle is that risks her life just to save her fatherand she falls in amor with a beast.

Tiana is independent and knows what she wants and thats why amor her.

Ariel is a beautiful person and she loves to explore but she crys over a boy who does not even knows her.

jasmim is a little bit mean and ungreatful thourgh out the movie but i understand why she ran away from home.

I amor mulan because she disobeys her father and goes to war when her father is to sick to fight. And she freakin saves China and on the way and she gets a boyfriend.

Here's a comparison between my sister's list and mine.
Her list-My list
10.Snow White-Rapunzel
6.Pocahontas-Snow White
 Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
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 Enchantress in disguise!
Enchantress in disguise!
Hi guys, I did a pesquisa earlier and a sudden realisation about the Enchantress had struck me. So, I will write an interesting theory about her!

Beauty and the Beast

We first seen her in the Prologue as an old woman, when Prince Adam spurned her. Her true nature is shown and in retaliation, she turned him into a beast and tells him that only true loves can redeem him inside, as well as the outside.

Cinderella (2015)

Upon re-watching this, I just found out that the Fairy Godmother is actually the Enchantress herself. Only this time, when she turns into her true self, she changes her appearance and that she must have been watching Ella the whole time, I suspect that she doesn't want Ella to suspect that her beloved Fairy Godmother might have cursed Prince Adam!

Do You Agree?

I was really surprise por this theory, considering that it is set in France! Or is it just another disney doppelganger?
 Her live action from cinderela
Her live action from Cinderella
 Her segundo form.
Her second form.
 Her true form with Adam.
Her true form with Adam.
mulan "Reflection" parody
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