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I really like making magazine covers and I make a contest about designing magazine cover. I'd like to share with you, who are interested in making magazine covers too, to how to make them. I usually use Adobe Photoshop but it takes a lot of o espaço in your computer and perhaps not everyone owns it, so I will tell you how to use Picasa and Free fotografia Resizing.

Here are the steps to make magazine cover following the rules for my Magazine Cover Designing Contest:

1. Download Picasa
Picasa is free. You can download Picasa from link. Click the blue square "download picasa". In Picasa, all pictures you have in jpg format will be shown there. Just click the picture you choose to be the magazine cover to editar it.

2. Crop your picture to the size of magazine
Magazines have various sizes but to make it simple, I choose the size of 21.59 x 27.94 cm or 8.5 x 11 in (2550 pixels x 3300 pixels). So we have to crop the picture to that size. Click the "crop" on the left box. Then click "add custom aspect ratio". Make the dimension to be 8.5 x 11. Name your new ratio. Crop your picture using this dimention. Remember, the size of your newly cropped picture is not 8.5 x 11 in. To resize the picture, go to link and make your fotografia resized to 8.5 inches in width. Then, save your picture. This new picture now has the right size. Go back to Picasa to start editing!

3. Write the magazine title
To write the title, click the "text" on the left box. Type anywhere to add text. On the left box, you can choose the size, font, and color of the título you like. You can also resize the font por making the font box on your picture larger or smaller. After you are satisfied with your words, fonts, etc, click "apply".

Choose a nice título for your magazine.I want a princess-like theme so I choose "CastleLife".

4. A magazine cover needs headline, supporting news titles, and date
The rule in my contest is that a magazine cover needs at least ONE headline and TWO supporting contests. Headline is the main news title, the one with the biggest, catching-eyes font or words.

HEADLINE: To write another text, click "text" again. I choose my magazine headline is about Snow White getting used to living in her prince's castle.

SUPPORTING NEWS: Usually there are also tips, quizzes, and such in a magazine. So let's write them up! "5 tips from Snow White" and what about apples?

DATE: Don't forget to write the date.

DONE!!! Save your new magazine cover!

To cadastrar-se my Magazine Cover Designing Contest, click link.

This is my CastleLife magazine cover.
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