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They swam to Ariel's Grotto where she had all her human treasures and on the way to there Ariel told her background story:
"When I was 4 years old my mother queen Athena became hitted por a barco and died, after that my father forbade all kinds of música in Atlantica, but later me and my sisters made the música come back and since then we amor playing music"

But after hearing the background story they saw how the cave turned darker and darker and at the topo, início of the cave the light from above disappeard. They decided to swim up to the surface to take a look.

When they where almost at the surface they saw a pair of fireworks lightning the sky and when they came to the surface they saw a ship.

They swam to the ship to take a closer look and from a short distance they could see some people dancing to música and a dog.

It happened to be a birthday for the prince whose name was Eric. They saw how he got a big statue of himself, but also how unimpressed he was.

Suddenly a storm arrived and everyone onboard jumped onto a boat, but the dog named Max was still on the ship. Eric jumped into the water and rescued Max, but he didn't came back to the boat. Instead he fell into the water and Ariel pomba under the surface and rescued him.

She took him to the same de praia, praia that Alexandra and Erica stood por before and now they decided to see if Eric was dead or not. They where calm, he was still alive. Ariel sung to him, but pomba into the ocean along with Alexandra and Erica when she saw Max arriving.

When they pomba back into the ocean they saw linguado, solha and he told them that he had something to show them.

He took them back to the cave and there they saw the statue of Eric. Ariel was so happy to have Eric closer to her, but she still wished to be a human.

After a few minutos Erica took her wand and transformed Ariel, Alexandra and herself into humans and then Erica and Alexandra helped Ariel up to the surface.

As soon as they came to the surface they saw Eric and his dog Max and they discoverd the girls that had just reached the ocean. But Eric's eyes fell upon Ariel, the girl who had rescued him.
"You look familiar, have we met before", he asked Ariel.
"Yes, we have, I was the one that rescued you", Ariel answered.
"What's your name", Eric then asked.
"My name is Ariel", Ariel answered.
"That's a pretty name, now I'm going to help you and your friends to my castle", Eric told Ariel.

When they arrived to the castelo the girls got to choose what dress they would like to wear for the dinner. Ariel chose a light rosa, -de-rosa dress and Alexandra chose a turqoise dress.

Today's jantar would be filled caranguejo and sallad and the girls seemed to enjoy the food.
"How about a tour around the kingdom tomorrow", Eric asked the girls.
"Sounds great", the girls answered.

The seguinte morning they set of for a tour around the kingdom and it was wonderful even though Eric spended a lot of time with Ariel compared to the time he spent with Alexandra and Erica.

That night Eric asked Ariel if she wanted to marry him the seguinte dia and she said yes.

Everything was fixed and the lovely couple was about to kiss each other when they where interupted por a giant sea-witch named Ursula. Erica knew what to do since she knew that Ursula was evil so she took her wand and waved it onto Ursula so that it transformed her into a shrimp. Then she gave the camarão to Alexandra who ate her up.

At last Ariel and Eric could share their first kiss together and everyone where happy over the lovely couple.

After the wedding Alexandra and Erica had to leave for their seguinte adventure, but they promised to come back soon!
(End of Part 16)
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