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It was dawn and all the daughters of Triton woke up.
"Good morning girls!" said Attina.
They all got up and got themselves ready to meet their father on the surface. Alana (as usual) took ages to get ready and packed all her beauty essentials in her bag.
"Ummm, Alana? Why do you have EVERY single bit of your, ummm, stuff in here?" asked Attina.
"Well, how else am I going to exfoliate my face and de- clog my pores? Alana said.
"Ummm, right." said Attina
"Come on girls, we have to go now!" Aquata said.
The sisters swam up to the surface.

"Oh my gosh, no wonder Ariel likes it up here? That sunrise is gorgeous!" Adella said.
"Okay girls, are you ready?" King Triton asked
"Yes father," they all said "We amor you daddy"
"I amor you to girls" King Triton said, shedding a tear.
"Ahhh, I remember we were in here last ano with Ariel. How time has flyed." Sebastian said, he swam into Alana's bag and waited for them to go to the surface.
King Triton waved his Trident and put it against the calm waves. The water shimmered and soon that shimmer flowed to the sisters and the magic transformed them into humans. Each of them were walking up onto the surface (like Ariel) on their on legs while wearing a dress just as pretty as Ariel's. Aquata had blue, Andrina had pink, Arista had red, Attina had orange, Adella had a dark yellow and Alana had purple. They all jumped with excitement while watching their father smile.
"Goodbye girls! Take care! I amor you all!" King Triton said and then swam back to Atlantica.

Just then, a redhead and her prince with their sheepdog walked along the shore.
"Ariel!" Aquata shouted.
Then all the sisters began to shout "ARIEL, ARIEL!!!"
Ariel saw them and immediately ran to them. They all shared a giant hug.
"What are you guys doing here?" Ariel asked, wiping tears of joy off her face.
"We came to visit you!" Adella said.
"We missed you so much!" said Attina
"Awwwwww, thanks you guys!" Ariel said
"Woah Alana, you are rocking those legs!"
"Ummm, thanks Ariel" Alana replied.
"Can I get a hug from my sisters in law?" asked Eric.
"Naawwwwwwww come here!" said Andrina
"It was Aquata's idea to come here!" said Arista
"Really? Nawwww! I amor you so much Aquata!" Ariel said while hugging Aquata tightly.
"I missed you too, baby sister." Aquata said with a tear.
Prince Eric, Max and the reunited Daughters of Triton headed inside of the castle.
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 "Ariel" from Deviantart
"Ariel" from Deviantart
1 = Ariel

Ariel's my prettiest. I know a lot of people would be totally against this opinion, because her hair doesn't look "natural," or her body's "too thin;" but I absolutely amor the way she looks. Her hair is thick and flows nicely, which I amor A LOT, her eyes are a beautiful blue, and her skin seems to be a nice light tan/pale color. To me, she's absolutely beautiful.

 "Rapunzel" from Deviantart
"Rapunzel" from Deviantart

2 = Rapunzel

Many people would call her "plain" and "just cute," but I find that she's really a beautiful person, and her looks add a lot on. I really do like her hair, long or not,...
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Well this one took a lot mais time to think than link. But I hope you will still like it!

Snow White - Pocketful of Sunshine por Natasha Bedingfield

''I got a pocket,
got a pocket full of sunshine
I've got a amor and I know that it's all mine
oh, oh, oh
Do what you want,
but you're never gonna break me,
sticks and stones are never gonna shake me
oh, oh, oh''

Cinderella - A Moment Like This por Kelly Clarkson

''Everything changes
But beauty remains
Something so tender
I can't explain
Well I maybe dreamin'
But 'till I awake
Can we make this dream last forever
And I'll cherish all the amor we share
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Hi, I’m Lissabelle (That’s a portmanteau of my first and middle names). I’ve already written one artigo but I got super swamped at school and didn’t have chance to write another. (Well, I wrote a segundo article, reread it and realized I disagreed with nearly everything I said and then took it down.)

About Me: I amor everything from Walt disney Animation Studios, but the princesses have a special place in my heart. I also amor leitura and writing. I consider spending time with little kids a special joy and I like to quilt. I am in the honors or AP equivalent of everything that has an...
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Ariel and Belle are the most beloved and popular disney princesses in Fanpop. To tell the truth, Belle has slightly mais fans. She is pretty, sure, but beautiful? Not likely. She has brown hair and hazel eyes (that's a charmer) but to me it looks quite plain. And she's pretty but she's TOTALLY ANAWARE OF IT? Really? Like she didn't see it when she looked in that mirror?
But Ariel was completely aware of it. She tried to be good-looking in front of her dream boy. Red hair and blue eyes are a lot prettier than brown hair and hazel eyes to me.
Belle reads (which is why people like her) and seeks for adventure, while Ariel fights for what she wants to get it. Sure, Belle does think of others first and Ariel is a bit selfish, but Belle also is TOO perfect. Nobody's perfect. At least Ariel made mistakes and we can relate to her.
So as you can see, this is why I prefer Ariel a lot mais than Belle.
I tried to use comments from users that summarized people's opinions of the princesses as a whole, but sometimes there weren't very many, or any at all.

I would like to give a big thank you to BelleAnastasia for her help in making the lists for this artigo and the disney Princess Movie article!

PREVIOUS RANK: #9 (dropped)
Given her lack of screentime, I wasn't surprised to see Aurora so low, but - and maybe this is my bias of working at Disney, given her popularity here- I was surprised she was last. I was certain it would be Tiana. Aurora adds a spritely but classic addition to...
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Aurora sighed. Her parents were visiting the king of a foreign country with King Hubert, and Phillip had to take over things at his father's palace while he was away. It was a long, perilous journey, so Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather had accompanied them. Even most of the servants had gone. Only a few of them and Aurora remained on the big, empty palace.
Out of boredom, Aurora reached for a quill pen and parchment, and began a letter to Snow White. The letter invited her to a week-long stay at the castle. She copied the letter off seven mais times and sent a copy to each of her friends. The...
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So the princesses talked and got to know each other and told their stories. "But why did you runaway from your family" Aurora asked Ariel. "My father was too strick and my sisters were so ubsesed with looks and I just wanted to be up in the world above it's inteasting to me and Eric" Awnsered Ariel. "I agree with Ariel my dad was too strick too I never even had any real friends other than my tiger that is until I ranaway and met aladdin and cinderela why did you stay with other horrible women why didn't you runaway" said Jasmine. "Those three were all I got before my father died I promised...
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 Snow White's Playlist
Snow White's Playlist
I like making playlists on my ipod for all of my favourite characters from all kinds of media. Sometimes the songs don't fit the characters and are just there to capture the symbolism from objects, animais or magic used in the film. I've made a playlist for a few of the Princesses and it's time I shared them with you. I'll add lyrics that I think relates to them the most.

Snow White is up first.

Symbolism: Spring, love, The Prince's castle, apples, birds (especially the blushing dove), gothic

Earth angel por Llewellyn & Juliana

-Snow's sweet child-like but motherly personality towards everyone...
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray