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It was dawn and all the daughters of Triton woke up.
"Good morning girls!" said Attina.
They all got up and got themselves ready to meet their father on the surface. Alana (as usual) took ages to get ready and packed all her beauty essentials in her bag.
"Ummm, Alana? Why do you have EVERY single bit of your, ummm, stuff in here?" asked Attina.
"Well, how else am I going to exfoliate my face and de- clog my pores? Alana said.
"Ummm, right." said Attina
"Come on girls, we have to go now!" Aquata said.
The sisters swam up to the surface.

"Oh my gosh, no wonder Ariel likes it up here? That sunrise is gorgeous!" Adella said.
"Okay girls, are you ready?" King Triton asked
"Yes father," they all said "We amor you daddy"
"I amor you to girls" King Triton said, shedding a tear.
"Ahhh, I remember we were in here last ano with Ariel. How time has flyed." Sebastian said, he swam into Alana's bag and waited for them to go to the surface.
King Triton waved his Trident and put it against the calm waves. The water shimmered and soon that shimmer flowed to the sisters and the magic transformed them into humans. Each of them were walking up onto the surface (like Ariel) on their on legs while wearing a dress just as pretty as Ariel's. Aquata had blue, Andrina had pink, Arista had red, Attina had orange, Adella had a dark yellow and Alana had purple. They all jumped with excitement while watching their father smile.
"Goodbye girls! Take care! I amor you all!" King Triton said and then swam back to Atlantica.

Just then, a redhead and her prince with their sheepdog walked along the shore.
"Ariel!" Aquata shouted.
Then all the sisters began to shout "ARIEL, ARIEL!!!"
Ariel saw them and immediately ran to them. They all shared a giant hug.
"What are you guys doing here?" Ariel asked, wiping tears of joy off her face.
"We came to visit you!" Adella said.
"We missed you so much!" said Attina
"Awwwwww, thanks you guys!" Ariel said
"Woah Alana, you are rocking those legs!"
"Ummm, thanks Ariel" Alana replied.
"Can I get a hug from my sisters in law?" asked Eric.
"Naawwwwwwww come here!" said Andrina
"It was Aquata's idea to come here!" said Arista
"Really? Nawwww! I amor you so much Aquata!" Ariel said while hugging Aquata tightly.
"I missed you too, baby sister." Aquata said with a tear.
Prince Eric, Max and the reunited Daughters of Triton headed inside of the castle.
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A Special Note: Rated PG for some language that is spoken to our favorito villains because they deserve it. You have been warned.

In the cabine on the ship where Aurora and John Smith were in, John stood up somewhat exhaustedly and banged his head on the top. “I am not really quite sure if you should…” Aurora began to say, but John Smith stated, “Don’t worry…we’ll get out, and we’ll have all the fun in the world!”
    John Smith stated, “Yes…here they are.”
    Soon though, Aurora gasped as two figures appeared from mid-air and went...
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as you know,cinderella is the segundo disney movie.in this movie cinderela is also known as ella.this film is relesed in disney original.prince charming is also made handsome.according disney production this film is on magic.so this is the good film.her clothes are also very pretty.if you like this film i am your fan.i also like her clothes,and all.so this film is very very good film.the story is on a girl named cinderela whose mother has dead.then her stepmother come and she is very cruel.she make cinderela her servant.the stepmother has 2 daughters.they are also like her mother.one day...
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cinderela and Prince Charming had just enjoyed the most wonderfully romantic honeymoon. They had ridden white cavalos together on the beach. They had stayed up until midnight each evening staring at the stars. cinderela knew it was all thanks to her friend Princess Pea, who was awaiting their return at the palace. And on that dia where cinderela and her prince returned to the kingdom in their carriage, cinderela was quickly reminded that even happily ever after has a few kinks.
"CINDERELLA!" Princess ervilha screamed. "Okay, don't be mad but while you were gone I flooded your bathroom!"
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A lot of people on fanpop say that Merida is selfish and not not a good role model. Personally, I think that is far from the truth.

Merida wasn't being totally selfish when she went to the witch. Impulsive, yes. Her mind was clouded por all the emotion she felt and acted before she thought things through. When she asked for a potion that would change her mother, I think she wanted something to change her mothers MIND. Not her personality.
I think Merida is actually quite selfless. When her plan to change her mother went awry, she didn't even hesitate to help her mom. She went totally out of...
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 Elsa curled up as best she could and let her body be wracked por sobs.
Elsa curled up as best she could and let her body be wracked by sobs.
After two weeks of writer's block and Lunar New ano vacation, I'm back with the third chapter of We're Talking Kings and Successions! We still haven't quite gotten to the action part of the story yet, but it'll come in good time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter! (I doubt you will though.) Oh, and you can read chapter one link and you can read chapter two link if you haven't already!


And besides, the mystery girl was currently bleeding, an Arqueiro embedded in her neck. She was in need. And although her mother had never taught her this, Rapunzel somehow knew that one had to help a person...
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Once the princesses and Dee Dee arrive back at the hotel room, they still feel worry about the prophecy until Dee Dee broke the silence por asking: "Who is this Spirit of Despair?"
The princesses couldn't keep the secret any longer, decides to their favourite goddaughter the truth. "Our villains came together and decided to have us destroy to prevent us from making the world a better place, eventually the found the right person to do so." replied Snow White without trying to sound frighten.
"Then, a prophecy came to us that there one person who can stop it, but before that we want to tell...
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