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It was dawn and all the daughters of Triton woke up.
"Good morning girls!" said Attina.
They all got up and got themselves ready to meet their father on the surface. Alana (as usual) took ages to get ready and packed all her beauty essentials in her bag.
"Ummm, Alana? Why do you have EVERY single bit of your, ummm, stuff in here?" asked Attina.
"Well, how else am I going to exfoliate my face and de- clog my pores? Alana said.
"Ummm, right." said Attina
"Come on girls, we have to go now!" Aquata said.
The sisters swam up to the surface.

"Oh my gosh, no wonder Ariel likes it up here? That sunrise is gorgeous!" Adella said.
"Okay girls, are you ready?" King Triton asked
"Yes father," they all said "We amor you daddy"
"I amor you to girls" King Triton said, shedding a tear.
"Ahhh, I remember we were in here last ano with Ariel. How time has flyed." Sebastian said, he swam into Alana's bag and waited for them to go to the surface.
King Triton waved his Trident and put it against the calm waves. The water shimmered and soon that shimmer flowed to the sisters and the magic transformed them into humans. Each of them were walking up onto the surface (like Ariel) on their on legs while wearing a dress just as pretty as Ariel's. Aquata had blue, Andrina had pink, Arista had red, Attina had orange, Adella had a dark yellow and Alana had purple. They all jumped with excitement while watching their father smile.
"Goodbye girls! Take care! I amor you all!" King Triton said and then swam back to Atlantica.

Just then, a redhead and her prince with their sheepdog walked along the shore.
"Ariel!" Aquata shouted.
Then all the sisters began to shout "ARIEL, ARIEL!!!"
Ariel saw them and immediately ran to them. They all shared a giant hug.
"What are you guys doing here?" Ariel asked, wiping tears of joy off her face.
"We came to visit you!" Adella said.
"We missed you so much!" said Attina
"Awwwwww, thanks you guys!" Ariel said
"Woah Alana, you are rocking those legs!"
"Ummm, thanks Ariel" Alana replied.
"Can I get a hug from my sisters in law?" asked Eric.
"Naawwwwwwww come here!" said Andrina
"It was Aquata's idea to come here!" said Arista
"Really? Nawwww! I amor you so much Aquata!" Ariel said while hugging Aquata tightly.
"I missed you too, baby sister." Aquata said with a tear.
Prince Eric, Max and the reunited Daughters of Triton headed inside of the castle.
oi everybody! I just saw the enrolados midnight premiere last night so I've rewrote my disney Princess List and I tried really hard to make it the most accurate out of all my anterior lists (my favorito disney Princess list changes like the weather). One mais thing, sometimes I think that my ratings don't truly capture how I feel about a certain princess so I've included a simple rating to tell you how I feel about each princess. This is my first artigo so please be nice! :)

10. Cinderella
Yeah, i've never been much of a fan. I mean it's great that she works so hard and still retains her pleasant...
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10) Tiana

Tiana is cute, goal-oriented, and has a great cantar voice! So why is she so low? It's simply because she doesn't have a fairytale aura about her. I like that she believes in her dreams, and goes and makes them happen. I don't like that she has no time for family and friends because she works so hard. My favorito scene is when she is swaying to the música as charlotte dances with "Naveen". You just knew she wanted to dance with that prince!

9) Mulan

My favorito thing about mulan is that she proves that being a princess comes from within(not from a royal title). She also proves...
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Okay, I bet you guys are like WTF at this topic. XD I personally find it to be interesting to think about. Anyway, Pocahontas and John are not included because they have never ended up together. I hope you guys like it.

8. mulan and Shang

I have no doubts about this placement whatsoever. I can see these two growing old together and sticking together for many years. Sure, the two of them may fight every once in a while, but the two of them would be able to work it out. I see this couple as a realistic couple that can survive with a strong amor even in the real world and not just in Disney's World....
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Scene 24- Through the treacherous slides/paths(Keep leitura to see if it IS just a bunch of treacherous slides/paths)...

Narrator: Hold on, their still sliding on that weird slide and going down...through treacherous paths... *Hears them screaming while sliding on the slides/paths* ...On slides. *Still hears them scream, then shrugs* Okay I guess I'll say that their doomed.

Fairy G: How the hell are we gonna get out of this one smart ass?

Hella: Hey, I can't be thinking of ALL OF the plans here, you guys gotta think of something as well!

Rodney: Um, you didnt think of ALL OF the plans here-

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First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to all disney Princess fãs who have participated in this countdown. Enjoy!

I included every romantic time of the princesses. mulan was not included because she never spent romantic time with Shang in the movie.

30. Fixing together

Tiana and Naveen spent time together fixing the old sugar mill for the place of their restaurant. Making their dream come true...

- "Bleh, that's the man's job. :P" - nevermind606
- "Sounds mais like hard freaking work than romantic fun." - DreamyGal

But SG1-090 had a different opinion:
"Aw I'd like to fix a place up together!...
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I feel that Sleeping Beauty is overlooked on this website. It is not the best disney movie in my opinion but one of the best disney filmes from the Walt era. There a def some flaws in the movie, like Aurora doesn't talk much for most of the movie and there is a reason, the backgrounds interfered w/ the characters so that's why there is no talking during parts of the movie. I do amor the backgrounds tho. This movie was ahead of its time. Considering how the technology wasn't as good back then there were still able to make these gorgeous backgrounds. Maleficent is another reason why this is one of the best Dinsey filmes from the Walt era. no geral, global Sleeping Beauty is not the greatest disney movie but its not the worst.
 Picture credit to Alafastanzio.
Picture credit to Alafastanzio.
Yes, my list changed again. Please don't be too shocked when you read the results. I worked hard on this article, and mais importantly, I worked hard on deciding. 9. Ariel
Even if you tried to come find me, I lock my windows and doors at night, and I have an attack dog, so yea. Ariel is my least favorito for many reasons. She's selfish, makes stupid decisions, leaves her family for a guy at 16, and a lot more. Sorry Ariel fans. 8. Tiana
Sorry Tiana, you just didn't impress me. She just doesn't know how to have fun, and she falls in amor with Naveen out of the blue. It doesn't seem like she has...
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*Ship continues 2 fall and every1 still screams lik sissys and holds on2 somethin*
Rebecca: *Points at Denaji* This is all Ur fault!
Denaji: My fault? How is this my fault?
Rebecca: Cuz if U guys werent so stupid and didnt get so fukin distracted, WE WOULDNT HAV BEEN IN THIS MESSS!
Anabel: Actually, we would hav been in it either way....
Rebecca: Shut up Ana.
Anabel: I'm sry, WHAT WAS THAT?
Rebecca: I said-
*Door opens(Lik a spaceship door)*
Hella: Jump 4 it!
Rodney: What?
Hella: JUMP 4 IT!
Rodney: WHAT?
*Hella pushes him off, hears him scream lik a sissy, and jumps off after him. Same with every1 else....
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I've finally reached the end of the first chapter!!! hope you like it

Today is cinderela and Charming's (2nd) 1st ano wedding anniversary. Fairy Godmother and anastasia told them about the time stream being totally messed with, but they didn't mind. Charming actually thought it was mais exciting and romantic the way it turned out.

Charming walked past the ballroom and noticed that the doors were ajar. He didn't hear música or footsteps. He stopped walking and leaned in to peak through the open doors. Beyond any of his speculations, he saw a abóbora in the middle of the dance floor. His whole...
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posted by KataraLover
cinderela was dragged off to Lady Tremaine's house. cinderela tried as hard as she could to break free but it was no use. Lady Tremaine took cinderela up to the attic.

"You worried me to death young lady. Me and your step-sisters cried every night because of how much you worried us. When your father died I could have thrown you out into the streets but did I?" said Lady Tremaine

"No you didn't" said Cinderella

"Who let you stay? Gave you food? A room and bed? A roof over your head?" asked Lady Tremaine

"You did" said Cinderella

"Yess not cinderela you were lucky to just be in the woods. The...
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posted by DreamyGal
 Dreamygal Productions
Dreamygal Productions
I amor ALL the Princesses! I have been totally obssessed with them since I was like 3! I amor them all for different reasons...

Snow White
The fairest of all! What's there NOT to like about her? She's so freaking sweet. I find it impossible to dislike her. She's always happy, upbeat and positive no matter how bad she probably feels on the inside.
 I amor Snow White because she is PLEASANT.
I amor Snow White because she is PLEASANT.

She's been my favorito for as long as I can remember. She just has the sweetest spirit about her, and keeps believing in her dreams. I amor her cantar voice; it's very soothing. Whenever I see...
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Let me make one thing clear before you even start leitura my list, from least pretty to prettiest. These are just my personal opinions which I thought I'd share with y'all since I think I have a somewhat unique interpretation of beauty on this site. Anyway, don't hate. Here goes.

9. Mulan

I amor this girl. She's my segundo fave princess. But let's be honest, the animators didn't put as much effort into emphasizing her beauty as they did with the others. Which is actually a good thing. It shows that we can amor a princess for her inner beauty even if she is mais on the plain-looking side....
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posted by DreamyGal
*~Princess Yearbook Part 3~*

All about the Princesses Continued...

 jasmim is head of the debate Team.
Jasmine is head of the debate Team.

 In her spare time she enjoys relaxing.
In her spare time she enjoys relaxing.

 jasmim is head over heels in amor with Aladdin.
Jasmine is head over heels in amor with Aladdin.

 mulan is head of the Wrestling Team.
Mulan is head of the Wrestling Team.

 In her spare time she enjoys taking nice long baths.
In her spare time she enjoys taking nice long baths.

 mulan is in amor with Shang.
Mulan is in amor with Shang.

 Pocahontas is head of the Gymnastic Team
Pocahontas is head of the Gymnastic Team

 In her spare time she likes to spend time outdoors.
In her spare time she likes to spend time outdoors.

 She was in amor with John Smith, but they are no longer together.
She was in amor with John Smith, but they are no longer together.

 Snow White is in charge of an animal rights group.
Snow White is in charge of an animal rights group.

 In her spare time she enjoys cantar and dancing.
In her spare time she enjoys cantar and dancing.

 Snow White is in amor with the Prince.
Snow White is in amor with the Prince.

 Tiana was the head of the Science Club, but resigned after they wouldn't stop frog disection.
Tiana was the head of the Science Club, but resigned after they wouldn't stop frog disection.

 In her spare time she enjoys remodeling her restaurant.
In her spare time she enjoys remodeling her restaurant.

 Tiana is in amor with Prince Naveen.
Tiana is in amor with Prince Naveen.

That's it for this years edition. Thank you all for taking part in the voting process!

The End!

Hope you all enjoyed!
 Wrong decisions
Wrong decisions

9.Ariel: I disagree with this one, but ok. People think she made stupid and wrong decisions. Of course she had, she was sixteen. I am sixteen and trust me, we are not suppose to make decisions. That's why we have parents, but some thing she did are bad however. Like going to seawitch.Haven’t she noticed creepy little things on entrance?! And really, selling her soul?...

 Too naive
Too naive

8.Snow White: Very shortly: she came into strangers house, cleaned all up and went to sleep. Why should she worry? animais told her it’s seguro there. Then after meeting dwarfs, she was warn...
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posted by KataraLover
The princess are almost to the castelo and are as ready as they will ever be. However out story is not about them today it's about the princes. "So what do we do just stay here until we die" said Aladdin. "What else can we do there's no way out" said Naveen. "Yeah it's hopeless but we need to find a way out" said Eric. "I must find Snow White my princess my love" said Henry(Snow White's prince). "I must find Aurora she needs me that beautiful helpless princess needs me" said Philip. "You need to give them mais credit my cinderela was weak but later became mais tough and my princess" said Christopher(Cinderella's...
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Princess ervilha woke up, her vision fuzzy. She found herself in a carriage that was being pulled por a cocheiro and two horses. She peered out the window and didn't recognize the trail they were traveling on. She realized the door was locked and someone had trapped her inside. The last thing ervilha could remember before waking up was finding her mother, Annalynne, waiting for her in her guest room at the Beast's castle. The memory of what had happened came flooding back to her...

    "Mother!" ervilha had cried when she walked into her room to find queen Annalynne. "What are you doing...
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From the moment Beast rescued Belle from the wolves, the entire dynamic between the duo changed forever more. As the grateful beauty tended her saviour's wound, Beast finally realized that Princess ervilha had been right all along. All he had to do to earn Belle's respect was be a better person. And from that dia forward, that's exactly what he did.
    "Belle," ervilha exclaimed, jumping on her bed, "I can't believe you're falling in amor with a hairy animal. You must have been understating when you said none of the men in your little town understood you."
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posted by TotallyMe105
Ok sooooo I was just wondering if you know any people or literally think a celebrity looks like the perfect princess(Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, Etc) Ok soooo post pictures below with some people you think would be like the human versions of them...


Can be famous or not it doesnt matter it can even be you!

No rude comments always respect others opinions...

Sooo yeah thats it i might think about a public vote for it even but if there are famous people against regular people i might do 2 to make it fair.

(Keep in mind this isnt like if they made a movie just someone you think is a perfect embodiment of the character)
It's a new morning the princesses are learning to fight everyday even Snow White and Aurora but mulan who is not really a princess is sad. "What's wronge mulan is everything alright" asked Belle. "Yeah I'm just upset a little" Mulan. "Do you wanna talk about it" asked Ariel. "No not really" said Mulan. So the princesses tried to find out what's wronge with her and try to cheer her up. "What's wronge mulan you can tell us anything" said Cinderella. "I'm not a princess" said Mulan. "So what's so bad about that" asked Jasmine. "Well there are supose to be nine princesses not eight and I'm not...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
“I guess we should go,” cinderela told Snow White and Aurora, and they hurried past Gaston and opened the door at the end of the hallway to find a staircase that cinderela remembered very well. “This leads up to my room, Belle and Pocahontas will be there, if we are lucky,” cinderela told Aurora and Snow White, and they climbed their way up.

Back at the entryway of Lady Tremaine’s mansion, mulan drew out her sword that formerly belonged to her old enemy, Shan Yu. With determination, she managed to clear out many of Maleficent’s goons that were patrolling the area.
“Do you know...
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