I was planning to do this ever since we had disney prince mês on the disney princess fã club. Anyway just to warn you unlike with the disney princesses I don't like all of the disney princes. The only ones I amor are my topo, início 3. Please comment telling me what you think.


It's a tradition that before I start hating on a character that I tell things I like about them. He's very handsome, in fact one of the most handsome animated males ever, that's pretty much it. I HATE HIM WITH A DEATH PASSHION, even mais than Peter Pan! He's the most annoying character ever created, not just disney, I mean animated character PERIOD! He cares for nobody but himself and is the laziest creature alive. He's even lazier than a creature that's been dead for millions of years. His voice is also SUPER annoying and irritating, it makes my ears bleed! IT'S TORTURE! When Lawrence was tuck in a tuba he could've asked if he was alright but was just making fun of him. He treats him like trash! He deserved to be turned into a frog because that way he's as hideously ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. He's such an idiot! He actually fell for Dr. Facilier's palm leitura trick? Isn't it mais likely he read the mornings news paper? He's a womanizer and treats them like shoes, if you get tied of them just get other pair. It's like he doesn't consider that they have feelings(one of the reasons I also hate Tramp). He's a spoiled, selfish, arrogant brat! I can't stand people like that! He actually thought Tiana was a princess when it was a costume party? All he does is LIE! He knew he couldn't repay Tiana if she turned him back but said he could. If I was Tiana I would've let those alligators eat him. I amor when Tiana hits him constantly, I'm just sorry I didn't do it! He doesn't deserve someone as wonderful as Tiana! He's number 1 on my kill list, I wanna kill him even mais than Lila from oi Arnold! I was hoping the whole time the Louis would eat him, even at the end of the movie. I was saying "EAT HIM! HE'S HUMAN NOW SO HE HAS mais MEAT ON HIS BONES! THAT'LL MAKE HIM EVEN TASTIER! EAT HIM ALREADY!". Plus and no offense but I find alot of Naveen's fã girls annoying. I think the only reason they like him is because of his looks. If he was ugly or homely than they'd hate him.


I really dislike him, use to hate but now dislike. First I tell what I like about him. I loved how he gave up his life to give Rapunzel her freedom. However that wasn't Flynn, that's Eugene. I hate the name Eugene but I amor his personality WAY mais than Flynn. Eugene is the reason I don't hate Flynn anymore, but still dislike him because of how annoying Flynn is. He lied to his friends and let them get arrested just to save his butt. His arrogance is annoying and how he thought he could just swoon Rapunzel is just irritating. He was a jerk to Rapunzel trying to guilt and scare her into going back home. If it wasn't for Eugene I'd absolutely hate him but I still dislike him. But I amor him and Rapunzel as a couple.


Okay from this point progressivo, para a frente I like the disney princes. I like how Valente and loyal he is. He doesn't show it but I think he's kind of insecure about being captain because I wants to be as good as his dad. I feel bad for him when Chi-Fu is moking him saying that he only got the job because the General is his father and he didn't work hard to get it. Just because his dad got him the job doesn't mean he didn't work hard, he practices and and studied for years before he got the job. He's also really sefless that he only took a few segundos to himself to moun the death of his father. He took a moment and moved on for his troops However I just don't think he has much of a sense of humor. I'm just not into those military types. I also hated how he just didn't believe mulan just because she's a girl. Why would she lie about the Huns being alive and in the city? What does she need to be a guy for you to believe her? He's just to strict and stiff for my taste, I prefer the mais rebellious, fun-loving, adventurous, and humorous princes.


I really like him! He's really Valente and charming. He like how he was willing to defey tradition to be with a girl he loves. That's what I amor from characters, when they follow their coração and break tradition. He wasn't going to let some stupid old fashion tradition stop him from going after what he wants. However just like with Aurora, I find him bland and boring, even though I like him. Sure he stayed a dragon but he never would've been able to do it without the three good fairies. If it wasn't for them he'd still be in the dungeon. Plus if it wasn't for them after he lost his sheild he would've either been burned to death or would've been a dragon snack. They're the heroes of the movie, not him. Anyway I like him but he's bland compared to the others.


He's the only developed character in the movie. He actually goes as a character and learns from his mistakes, yet he's not my favorito character. I amor how he saves Belle from those wolves. I just amor how he is insecure about Belle because she's beautiful and he's hideous. It's kind of funny how he gets mad. It was sweet how he let Belle go to save her father because he loves her. However I just hate how he's sucha jerk at the beginning and he just yells. He acts ungrateful to his servants who just works their hearts out for him. He just always wants to have his way. Plus I hated what he did to that poor old woman. I do like him but I just can't ignore the horrible things he did.

5.John Smith

I really like him! I amor how he risked his life to save Thomas from drowning. He's a free spirt that loves to explore, I just amor it. It's cool how he risks being hang just to see Pocahontas. I thought it was sweet how hetried making Pocahontas feel better and let her know he'd rather die than not know her. It was so selfless how he pushed himself in front of the chief in order to save him. He truly loves Pocahontas, he didn't care that he'd die, he just wanted to stay with her. Even though it was ruined in the sequel. However I hate his raciest comments in the beginning. Plus he's just kind of dull and there's nothing else to say all that much.


Yeah I'm one of those weirdos who has the prince high. I actually think there's things that he does that people don't really notice. I thought it was cool that he sang to Snow White, not caring about what a fool of himself he'd make. Gotta admit he's got guts. I believe he truly loves Snow White, even though it seems like he just fell for her pretty face and nice voice, there's actually so much more. He could tell from her song that they understand each other and have the same kind of wish, to find their true amor and have a happy life. He searched far and wide all over the kingdom to find her, I don't think he'd do that just for a pretty face. I think he was sweet that he kissed her when she was dead, just to have one last goodbye. He's actually a pretty cool character. I wish they added that scene where they have the queen imprison him and he escapes, too bad they couldn't afford it. However I just amor the others more.


I actually amor him! I'm mostly basing this off of the third movie but I also like him in the original. I relate to that whole being in a rush por a parent to find a girl, my mom is a pain. I don't think he's pick just really shy. I don't think he likes not being able to talk to the girls to get to know them. Sure he makes rude face but he doesn't do it while they're looking, except with the ugly step-sisters. But can you blame him for that? He sees the diamond in the rough cinderela is the same way we do. He chases after her but the reason he stopped was because of those girls. He probably had a reason not being able to go after her with a shoe. I amor him even mais in the sequel! He's Valente and charming! He is awkward, which I adore because it makes him even mais realistic. Even when anastasia acts weird he still acts kind and polite to her. He goes after cinderela when she's banished and does whatever it takes. Plus he ran out in front of her and saved her from being zapped por Lady Tremaine. I also have to add that it's cool that they gave us some info about his mom. For once we hear about the mystery of a disney princes mom. Him developing mais personality is part of why I amor the third movie. Plus there's just one mais thing I have to say; there was a fanfic I wrote called Cinderella's Beginning, it was about cinderela and Charming running away as kids and they were friends. She didn't know he was the prince. composição literária it made me amor him even more. He's not higher because the others are much mais awesome and I relate to them more.


He's awesome! The first disney prince with personality and had a bigger role. I amor how he's fun loving and just loves being out on the sea. When I first was on a barco I was atuação the same way he did. I amor that he treats his dog like an actual person, people like that are awesome! I relate to him being rushed into amor when you just wish they'd leave you alone and let you find her when you find her. He was so selfless risking his like to save Max. When he meets Ariel it was really sweet of him to bring her into his início and treated her like family. When he's touring the kingdom with Ariel he doesn't find her annoying, he finds her exciting, entertaining, and fun-loving. He's shy with girls and seems a little awkward with them but Ariel helps him feel mais comfertable. He truly loves Ariel, insted of keep looking for this girl that rescued him he decides forget this mystery girl I really like this girl I've gotten to know. He does whatever it takes to save Ariel and refuses to leave her. He's not number one because he can't compare to my number 1.


If you know me than you know that this is no surprise at all! He's my all time favorito animated hero EVER, even though Scamp comes close. For once in a disney princess movie the disney prince is the main character. I amor how he knows how to outsmart those guards. He only steals comida so that he can survive, he doesn't steal diamonds or gold or anything like that. If he sees someone less fortunate than him, like those kids, he gives up his comida to them. He defends those kids from that spoiled prince, he even points out that for a rich guy he has no manners. I amor his humore like how he commented how that prince looks like a cavalos butt. Yet while he does seem confident he's actually very insecure. People treat him like trash because of his status and he can't change anything about it. He just wishes that people would stop being judgemental and actually get to know him because if they did they'd see there's so much mais to him than they think. He truly loves jasmim I think. He risked his like to save her and almost became snake food, he wouldn't do that just for any pretty face. Sure he broke his promise to Genie but he was just scared. Don't tell me that you haven't even been in a situation like this before and you didn't do the same thing he did. I amor that he makes mistakes and he fixes it. He learns and grows as a character, he's definitialy one of the most developed animated characters ever. I relate to him a lot and I'm so much like him. He will always be my favorito animated hero no matter what.