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It's raining men! Hallelujah, it's raining men!

Face it…we all like it…eye candy. Sadly, there are some people (like most of us here at Fanpop) who have a crush on a cartoon character. Hi. My name is Dani, and I’m a Prince-a-holic. “Hi Dani”, responds the readers. Some of these placements will be easy for me and others not so much. I’m basing this list solely on looks…not personality, because I don’t want my results to be biased just because I like a Prince’s personality. So, yes…I get to be shallow this once! Hope you enjoy!

10. The Prince

It pains me to place him so low on any list because I adore him; but like I stated above, I’m not factoring in their personalities. He and Prince Charming were running a very close race for the last spot. The only reason he didn’t beat Charming, is because his squints his eyes a lot…a lot like his Princess, Snow White. I amor his outfit, and his hair.

9. Prince Charming

As most of you know, I used to be a huge hater on this guy. But after some time, I began to warm up to him. He’s very plain looking, but considering that it’s difficult to animate male characters, I don’t think they did that bad of a job on him, considering when this film was animated. The only reason he beat the Prince, is because he keeps his eyes open, except for when he’s rolling them at his Father! I like his outfit as well. Very fitting for a royal Prince.

8. John Smith

I think he’s pretty damn handsome, but his features are just too sharp for my tastes. His nose is a bit pointy, and he has a small mouth. I amor his body build. His body actually looks realistic to me. I amor his blonde hair. I’d like to run my hands through it, and then…oops, sorry. Got carried away. Forget “peace”. If I were Pocahontas I would have been on that ship so fast it would have made all of their heads spin. DAYUM.

7. aladdin

His looks vary at times. Sometimes he’s handsome; sometimes he’s boyishly cute, and other times and just “ok”. One of my favorito features of him is his smile. It’s looks mischievous most of the time, which kills me. I’m a sucker for a bad boy. We all want a good guy, but there’s something about that bad boy. Damn them!!

6. Prince Phillip

I’m guessing his placement will surprise some people, because he’s a “classic” Prince. Well, I find him completely handsome. He is exactly what I would picture a “Knight in shining armor” to look like. He has manly broad shoulders, and a speaking voice that gives me chills. I amor his hair, especially the little curl in the front. I amor him to pieces.

5. Prince Adam, formerly known as "The Beast"

He and Prince Phillip were also running a very close race. The only reason he won, is because of his beautiful eyes. I think disney tried to hard to make him handsome. I hate the scene where he first turns around and we see his face. In that dividido, dividir segundo I honestly think he looks hideous. I wish they would have made him look mais like he did in his self portrait that we see him destroy in the West Wing in the beginning of the movie, but the final product didn’t turn out so bad. If he would have looked mais like he does in this picture, he probably would have been in my topo, início 2.

4. Shang

He’s smoking hot. I mean come on! Have you seen this guy with a camisa off?! YOWZA. He is built the way every man should be, in my opinion. He’s perfect! If I were mulan on their first dia of training where he takes his camisa off, I would have probably blown my cover right then and there. How she composed herself and didn’t drool at the very sight of him is beyond me!

3. Prince Naveen

Like Aladdin, he has some scenes where I want to jump him because he’s so sexy, and other moments he looks odd…at least his skin color does. I amor his look though…my Lord do I amor his look! He has a smile that makes my coração race. Everything about his looks screams HOT to me. He was even cute as a frog…now that’s something. I hate frogs, but him…no. Still cute!

2. Flynn

I amor this guy. Seriously. He’s so damn cute to me. I amor that he has facial hair. He has dreamy eyes. His build isn’t realistic, but face it. We watch these filmes to escape reality. Why be reminded of it? I amor his outfit. He really “suits” him…lol…just some of my dry humor. He’s gorgeous to me pretty much all the time, except when he does the smolder. Seriously Flynn…you’re hot, stop trying so hard!

1. Prince Eric

*SWOONS* To me, it just doesn’t get any better than Prince Eric. I amor every single feature of his. His looks aren’t over the top, but not too plain. He has gorgeous eyes, and his smile…oh my. Can you really blame Ariel for wanting a chance to be with him? She’d be crazy if she didn’t!! I amor his style, especially the outfit with the cape he’s wearing when he sees Vanessa. My coração literally sighs when I see him. He’s por far the best looking disney Prince in my opinion.