1. Beauty and the Beast (1991)-About a french girl in a village who's father goes to a fair and sees an encantada castelo guarded por a beast .

Reason I like it?
Both Belle and the Beast don't get along and they fall in amor with each other and she doesn't care if his ugly or not cause she saw the prince(who was the beast) as a kind,loving person with a good heart.Plus the música is brillant.

2. Cinderella(1950)

A young servant girl who lives with her evil stepmother and two stepsisters is invited to a ball and falls for a handsome prince.

Reason why I like it?: The prince liked her for who she was and that he didn't care if she wasn't royality or not he liked her personailty and of course her charms.

3. The Little Mermaid -(1989)
An optimistic mermaid saves a prince from drowning and falls in amor with him ,but she has to make a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula who turns Ariel into a human for 3 days.

Reason why I like it?
I amor the música and the story that goes with the movie and the finale as well. Eirc didn't care either that Ariel was a mermaid and he liked her beautiful cantar voice.

4. Aladdin(1992)
Hilarious and witty I loved the Genie in it . The story is about a commoner in an Arabic country who falls for an Arabian princess named jasmim ,who didn't care that aladdin was a commoner or not.

Reason why I like it?; 2 words Robin Williams

5. encantada (2007)
The story starts off in 2D animation ,the return of 2D after início on the Range in 2004. Giselle is a young maiden living in the cartoon world of Andalsia where she falls for a handsome Prince named Edward and the two marry the seguinte dia but his evil stepmother sends the poor girl to NY city in human form where she gets help and begins to fall in amor with a handsome divorce lawyer named Robert.

Reason why I like it?
I amor the chemistry between Amy Adams and Patrick Demspey it looks so realistic and I amor the ballroom .Also it brings back the good old days of disney fairytales.Also it is very cinderela like and Snow white/Sleeping Beauty is all references in the movie too.

Beauty and the beast(1991)
Little Mermaid