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Opinion by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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My fav film from Disney (Live Action combining 2D animation)
Here are my favourite films that I will never get sick of

Enchanted: A cartoon princess is banished from her cartoon world to modern dia NY and falls for an attorney. Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey estrela in this sweet cheesy fairytale with a modern twist and with an all estrela cast

cisne Princess: A young princess falls for a prince from another land and she has a curse on her thanks to a warlock who changes her into a cisne when the moon disapears.

The Little Mermaid: A teen mermaid falls for a human prince after she saves him from drowning and goes to the sea witch to transform her into a human

Anastasia: A lost princess in Russia gets help with two con men who doesn't realise that she is in fact the real thing. Musical fun from 20th century fox

Aladdin: A streetwise man falls for an arabian princess and gets help from a witty blue genie.

Cinderella: A young girl living with her stepmother and step sisters falls for the prince at the ball.
Review by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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Giselle is about to get real in this cute movie
Ok what happens when a cartoon princess falls into a magic wishing well and fall for an atorrney? well that what happens in this remarkable kids flick which in my opinion is very good. The story kicks off in 2D animation in Andalasia where a young maiden who dreams of sharing (you guessed it) True Love's kiss falls for a handsome Prince named Edward and the two decide to marry the seguinte dia of course his evil stepmother doesn't want this to happen and throws Giselle( voiced por Amy Adams) into our world as a real woman (still Adams at her best). Scared and lost she meets an divorce Attorney named Robert Philip(Patrick Dempsey)who is a single father ready to pop the pergunta to his girlfriend of 5 yrs Nancy tremaine(Idina Menzel) . Of course you know the rest. Personally its got funny charcthers, cute dialoge, and eye doces as well.

If you amor fairytales then give it a shot

Verdict: Best live action/cartoon film I have seen in years.

Opinion by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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Belle was not a princess in the begining of B& B (animated)
Here is my opinion :

Live action fairytales

1. They are cute and cheesy at the same time.

2. If its a musical it can be a fun ,enjoyable experience

3. The charcthers may not get along yet they fall in amor at the same time

4. They may be very roamntic or not

5. Happy ever afters

Examples of live action fairytales:

Princess Diaries 1 & 2
Enchanted(half and half )

Animated fairytales

1. They have a nice colourful background
2. Very enjoyable
3. The charcthers are unique and different at the same time

4. Blended por fantasia and romance at the same time e.g A mermaid, A princess etc

5. start of poor then wealthy.

6. The princesses would not care if there princes aren't royality for example aladdin is a commoner or John Rolfe/SMith was a sailor/tobacco farmer.

Examples : Little Mermaid,Beauty and the beast
List by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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Enchanted(live action reference to most of the princesses with a twist
1. A Whole New World(Aladdin)
Singer: Peobryo Benson & Regina Belle
amor this song as it is very romantic and cute

2. Ever Ever After(Enchanted)
Singer: Carrie Underwood

Wouldn't we all want to live happily ever after with the right person.

3. So Close(Again from Enchanted)
Singer: Jon Mclaughlin
Very romantic and deals with falling for someone but can't be with that person cause there already going out with someone else.

4. Beauty & The Beast
Singer: Peobyo Benson & Celine Dion

BEST DUET EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. kiss the Girl

Singer : Peter Andre(orginal)
amor the song btw

6. Colours of the Wind

Singer Vannessa Williams from Ugly Betty

BEST SONG EVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Thats how you know

Singer; Amy Adams (NOT A SINGER)ft Marlon Saunders
amor the song ,so catchy and reggee like.
List by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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1. Beauty and the Beast (1991)-About a french girl in a village who's father goes to a fair and sees an encantada castelo guarded por a beast .

Reason I like it?
Both Belle and the Beast don't get along and they fall in amor with each other and she doesn't care if his ugly or not cause she saw the prince(who was the beast) as a kind,loving person with a good heart.Plus the música is brillant.

2. Cinderella(1950)

A young servant girl who lives with her evil stepmother and two stepsisters is invited to a ball and falls for a handsome prince.

Reason why I like it?: The prince liked her for who she was and that he didn't care if she wasn't royality or not he liked her personailty and of course her charms.

3. The Little Mermaid -(1989)
An optimistic mermaid saves a prince from drowning and falls in amor with him ,but she has to make a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula who turns Ariel into a human for 3 days.

Opinion by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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The old classic romantic tales since the 90's Beauty & the Beast
Here is some reasons why I amor disney couples

1. The plotline and the story behind each disney couple film is so dramatic or romantic

2. Definelty the chemistry between them e.g Belle and the Beast didn't get along but they end up falling for each other, Ariel fell for Eirc after she saved his life from drowning, cinderela was in amor with a prince, In the live action ones Giselle fell for Robert a lawyer who helps her find her prince ,but it turns out his her real true amor etc

3. The música can be very romantic and classy e.g Beauty & the Beast

4. The men can be either commoners likr Aladdin, a sailor ,like Eirc ,a lawyer,like Robert etc. The females who fall for these kind of guys meaning they don't care if there not perfect or not from a royality background.

5. The happy endings of course ,every disney fairytale should be happy .

These are my 5 reasons why I amor disney couples so I hope that you enjoyed that.