disney crossover I Need Help. ;_;

RoxStar09 posted on Jun 09, 2013 at 03:21AM
Hey guys!
This is about Hades/Eris. :)

So I've been going mad now recently. DX
I haven't changed our icon over at eris-x-hades for over a year now and I'm flipping out big time! DX

Would you care to help me out? Make a new icon for the club I mean? ;_;

I would be totally grateful if you did. Like seriously. ♥
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over a year ago kristenfan10109 said…
of course sweetie
kristenfan10109 commented…
can you post a link to the club please over a year ago
RoxStar09 commented…
Sure, it's: link:P Thank you for your time in advance! ♥ over a year ago