disney crossover cinderela and Eric Crossover

Princess_Ella posted on Feb 18, 2012 at 10:58PM
-ROUND 1: Make or find the best picture you can of Cinderella in her ripped pink dress crying on Eric's shoulder.
-Submissions ended on Friday February 24th.
-ROUND 2: Make or find a picture of Cinderella and Eric dancing together
-Submissions ended Friday March 2nd.
-ROUND 3: Use your imagination and make or find a picture of Cinderella and Eric, can be doing anything.
-Submissions end Friday March 9th.
-You cannot submit one that another fanpop user has already submitted to this forum
-I will vote and the winner will get three props. 2nd place will get 2 props and third place will get 1 prop.
-At the end of each round I will announce the winners along with the next picture to be made with Cinderella and Eric.
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