ícone por chesire.
Here's the interview of chesire, for some people that voted for her, Enjoy.

Since when you started do crossovers?
I started making crossovers as soon as I discovered this club. I was just inspired por the pictures I saw.

Your first crossover was..
My first crossover was not bad for the first time. I have to say I was proud of it. :)

It was very hard to make a crossover for the first time?
Not really. Before I started making crossovers I was already using Photoshop for editing and manipulating images.

First 5 favorito couples & why.[b]
por chesire.

[b]Jane & Milo
Jane/Milo - Can you not see these two as the perfect couple? They're both so interested in knowing the kind of life and culture of other people in other places. They can be clumsy and weak at some times too. Plus they just really look good together. :D

por chesire.

Jasmine & Tulio.
Jasmine/Tulio - This was originally my 1st favorito but Jane/Milo just pushed their way up with their adorableness while I was making some of their crossovers. Their relationship are very similar with jasmim & Aladdin's relationship, which is my favorito disney couple, based on their personality. And Jasmine's spunky, sexy attitude fits so well with Tulio's cleverness and sex appeal.

por chesire.

Alice & Peter Pan
I just amor these two together. NEVERWONDER FOR EVER. <3 These two would get along pretty well. Alice desires for a nonsense world of her own. Peter lives in a fantasia world were you'll never have to grow up. Both worlds are pretty much fantastical if these two would get along. I'd amor to live in NeverWonder with them. :P

por chesire.

Eris & Hades
Two of my favorito villains would make the best badass couple ever. I don't really have much to say about them but when these two would pair up, they'd be inseparable and unbeatable - in power and in love.

por chesire.

Ariel & aladdin
Although I amor Ariel with Hawkins too. Both desires to prove others that they're mais than what others see them. aladdin would surely be able to show Ariel what the human world would be like through a trip around the world in Aladdin's magic carpet.

Do you think that you're one the best person that do crossovers in this spot?be honest.
Honestly, yes. I think that I'm one of the best because I really try my best to make the crossover appear believable like they actually are in a single scene - that's why I often add effects in my works. But there are other fãs here that really has some great crossover works as well.

What do you do if you see a crossover that you do not like? I mean with your least fav couple crossover.
I'm not really sure what's my least favorito couple crossover, yet. But if I ever do see one, I'll probably just ignore it. I wouldn't want to make a negative criticism on it since I know they didn't worked hard for that image just to be ridiculed.

Now for you it's mais easier do crossovers?
Yeah, I'm having an easier time making crossovers since I learn some new tricks, techniques and effects in making crossovers from time to time.

Do you do vídeos crossovers?
Nope, I wish I could though.

What happen if someone steals your crossover and says it is her's/him's?
Well I'll ask him/her nicely first to credit me or remove it but if s/he still ignores my request, then they better prepare their asses for some whooping. loljk. But seriously I'd denunciar him/her or ask them roughly.

What do you think of disney CROSSOVERS?
I think they're very creative in terms of pairing and some really amazes me of the backstory of the images.

What thing is mais difficult to do in a crossover?
The most difficult is probably trying to editar low quality/small images. Of course if you want mais people to notice your work you've got to make it in the best quality as possible.

You still have saved your first crossover?
Yup. A Hercules/Ariel crossover.
First crossover por chesire.