this time we r talking about PRINCETON AND ANOK
one summer dia the mb and us went to HIGHPOINT
prince; hi baby
anok; hi honey bunny
fi; euh can u plz dont say that
diggy and sandy; y cant they say that? they r bf and gf
fi; yeh but prince is my bro and anok is my bff
EB;ohhh ok we get it
then we went to the mb house
we play TRUTH or DARE anok spin the bottlethe bottle turns to fiona
anok; truth or dare fi; um dare
me; ok i dare u to kiss roc
fi; ok
prod was jelious of roc royal
the fiona spin the bottle the bottle turns to anok
fi; truth or dare
anok; dare
diggy; i dare u to kiss princeton
anok; sure ok
fi; euh seriously
then the bottle turns to me
ray; truth or dare little sis
me; truth
anok and fi; who do u love???
me; ummm.... (i was blushing) it's diggy
eb forsep diggy; uh la la la
fi; diggy truth or dare
diggy; dare
roc; i dare u to kiss sandy
diggy; ok
when we finished playing we went to upstairs lounge room

we were listening to songsthe boys was trying to showing off us the show us some dancing it was romantic then.............
prod; baby i amor u soo much i could die for u
fi; oh thanks sweetie pie me too
prince; sweet pumkin i amor u i would died to kiss u
anok; oh me too peace boy
diggy; honey bunny i would do anything for u when u r my gf
me; me to sweet rapper