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Queen_Vampire posted on Aug 08, 2009 at 01:02AM
Hey guys, Its the Creator of this Club again. I started this forum topic so that new fans can introduce themselves and possible add friends from this club. Your free to give as much or as little information that you want to about yourself. Enjoy. ;)

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over a year ago Queen_Vampire said…
Hey, well my username is Queen_Vampire because I love vampires so much but my real name is Elizabeth. I rather you refer to me as Queen_Vampire or Mae. I am 18 and this is the first club that I've ever created on the internet for an anime. I'm glad that I did though because this particular one needed it. I'm really open to meeting new people and talking with everyone. So anytime I'm online just drop me a line.
over a year ago hfkklg said…
big smile
Hi my names hfkklg and im 13 but in oct I will be 14.I like a lot of anime. I also read manga.
over a year ago bldwngs432 said…
Well, i just noticed this club today since i mostly go on the main Devil May Cry club. I'm 15, and i'm completely in love with this franchise. In fact, this franchise made me who i am today(literally). I think about Dante at least twice a day. I luv him!!
over a year ago Chitra_96_chant said…
if I can join? my name Chietra, you may call me as the wife of Dante, heu .. heu .. heu .. just kidding