We rarely enter a início without an art piece in sight. Let’s face it: even the most self-proclaimed and the strictest minimalist has at least one art piece displayed in his home.

Art items help us express the personality we want to exude. These displays support the outlook of the room and the theme we want to approach. Searching for the right item can be irritating, intimidating and challenging especially if you admittedly lack art streaks.

No worries. The following tips prepared por partner interior designers of The Peterson Group Bespoke Condominium and Residences, expert in providing luxury apartment and residential in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, can be done por anyone.

1. Choose art that you like
There is nothing mais creative than to uniquely create a o espaço which reflects your personality. The mais you hold back from your choice, the mais it would not feel right. It does not matter if it holds nothing much of value. What is important is that you have something in your início which you can happily go início to everyday.

2. Don’t Settle for a Single Medium
Why should it always be painting alone? Find the type of art pieces which can fit best in your space. Paintings will add a broader swathe of color. Sculptures will add depth to the room, and mixed media pieces add texture or a mixture of visual elements. Review the options you have in mind and use it to your advantage.

3. See What is Out There
Art pieces cannot only be found in malls or expensive stalls. There are thousands of choices in flea markets. You may even be surprised on what you can find on the streets. Local art exhibits may also feature a good item to add to your display. Just watch out for fraud makes from suspicious sources.

4. Forget the Rules
Some people are too strict to confine themselves to what goes where that they forget to let loose. In the end, the results show bland and too common design taste. Remember that personality has no rules. Sometimes the most obscure piece of artwork has the capacity to ignite your wall.

5. Connect with the piece
Finally, try to find artworks that have a story and a connection with you and your space. You will amor it so much mais as it tends to always be an emotional purchase as it really is ‘the final touch’.