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"Moves Me"

I can't help myself but think of what you've done for me
dia or night it seems that you are always on my mind
And I know whenever I need you near
I always feel that you will be there right por my side

Your amor runs deep within my soul, and I can't let go
You'll never leave me, because I know
That you are the one for me

You're the one who moves me
You're the one who sees right through me
You're the one I lean on every night and everyday
You're the one who makes feel a brand new life that's so unreal
When I think of you and I, you do
You're the one who moves me
Moves me, oh, you move...
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Where born: Texas
favorito Albums: "SELENA GOMEZ, kiss & TELL", her own album
Perfect friend: Selena Gomez
fotografia shoot: 27-29-14
Dad's name: Ricardo Lovato
Mom's name: Scarlit Lovato
Stepsisters or sisters: Madison, Dallas
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ youtube HERE WE GO AGAIN LYRICS LINK link
Want to know mais of Demi Lovato? Go to her website, or Face-book page.
por Kittendrawings, with LOVE, DEDICATED TO SELENA GOMEZ AND DEMI LOVATO AND OTHERS...................
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