Joe Jonas "I'm sorry" new single: apologies for Demi Lovato?
Joe Jonas has a new single "I'm Sorry" and apologizing to a former girlfriend Demi Lovato? Read!

June 17, 2011 - Kika

Joe Jonas has revealed the título of his new single "I'm Sorry" (sorry) and said that talks about one of his past relationships. Will finally apologize for Demi Lovato?

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We know that Joe Jonas is definitely not the guy "perfect" and in a perfect relationship: Taylor rápido, swift Ashley Greene, Joe has earned the reputation as a playboy por brief and passionate relationship!

"I'm really sorry, I am sincere," said Joe recently E! Online "It 'very difficult, very difficult. I never fooled anyone, I was wrong, and I want this person to go back. I'm trying to put everything on the mesa, tabela saying: "I'm sorry. I wish I could go back. "

Joe recently dramatically dumped his girlfriend, best friend and former co-star Demi Lovato. Almost immediately became engaged with Ashley Greene, who carried around with him in the tour stop along with Demi Lovato! Demi suffered a lot and, as we all know, went for months at a rehabilitation clinic.

"This type of songs are very difficult, because you know that the person you are referring to listen." Of all the ex-girlfriend of Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato is definitely the one to which it owes mais excuses. Demi was mais of a girl, was a family friend, a colleague, and above all a best friend. Although he never betrayed with Ashley, has disrespected flaunting his new girlfriend (Ashley) while he was on tour with Demi. It was certainly a correct behavior!