hi, i'm new to this place. i amor Kid so much it hurts. so i thought it would be a good idea to cadastrar-se this community.

note- i'm transgender, so my pronouns are he/him..thanks... (they/them is fine too..i don't mind) (anything but she) (also, gender dysphoria sucks)

please no hate, thanks. i actively ship Soul x Kid. again, no hate comments p l e a s e. if anyone else on here ships Soul and Kid, please let me know? i also like Kid x Blackstar. if anyone here ships Kid and Blackstar, on the other hand, please feel free to let me know as well? i feel like i'm the only one who ships gay stuff in Soul Eater....

i sometimes ship Kid with myself, but i honestly am not really into shipping characters with real people most of the time. occasionally i do. most of the time, i ship Soul, Kid, and Blackstar.

i don't really ship Kid with any of the girls... but i think it's cute sometimes. like, i don't really ship Maka and Kid, or Liz / Patty and Kid, but i think it's cute sometimes.

i dunno, it's just my opinion. if you don't agree, that's fine. honestly, shipping characters are just people's opinions, so it's all good.

anyway, thanks for leitura this. feel free to talk to me whenever...i get kinda shy sometimes, but i'm willing to talk to people!