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Chapter 2

The trio watched as the shinigami fought off the pre kishins."Should we help him?"Kraiss asked.Lance looked at him like he spoke another language."He's Death the Kid!He does'nt need help!He's unstoppable!"Phoebe watched in awe as Kid had kicked one in the face.A kishin saw her and ran at her.She did'nt have any chance to react when it pounced(AN;the kishins are demon animais that are attacking them).Lance and Kraiss were attacked as well.Kid noticed and went to help them.He shot at the ones that attacked Lance and Kraiss.Then he kicked and shot the one attacking Phoebe.She looked at him as he held a hand to help her up."Thanks."she said.Before kid could say a word Lance was at his feet."You.Are.God!"he stated.Kid rubbed the back of his head."Uh..thanks.Are you alright."he said.Kraiss and Phoebe nodded.Kid threw his pistols in the air and they formed back to there human forms.Patty and Liz waved at the trio,but Patty looked at Phoebe then yelled."OMG!!SHES KID'S SISTER!!YOU LIED TO US!!"Everyone covered there ears."Eash!Patty stop yelling!"Liz said."Liz is right,just because the girl lookes like me does'nt mean shes my sister."he said.He glanced at her and noticed how much similar she was to him and how symmetrical she had.Then he noticed the sanzu lines on her head.'Three,just like me.Maybe i'm an only child..or am I?'he thought.There were somethings he was gonna have to talk to his father about.Kid could'nt help but cringded at Lance.He was a living example of being asymmetrical!!Kid looked at him and Lance noticed."What!Something on my face."he exclaimed.Phoebe noticed and sighed."PHOEBE CHOP!!"she bashed him on the head with a medium sized branch that was on the ground.He whimpered as he rub his head."You were off again!You know how I am about that!"she said.Kraiss and Patty laughed there heads off.Liz sweatdropped and Kid was a little shocked por the girls actions."Oww!You know what..if you were'nt a reaper I would-""Wait,you're a reaper,like a shinigami!?"Kid asked.Phoebe nodded."You should come with us."Kid suggested.Phoebe nodded and followed them a whiny Lance and a calm but still gigglish Kraiss behind them.