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Kid flew back a few feet back when Cotiyoso charge at him."You're good but not good enough."The assassin said.Lacey hid in a closet,making sure Marmerachi did'nt see her.Kid aimed at Cotiyoso and fired.He went flying to a wall,wincing."That's it!You're dead!!"Marmerachi yelled.He lundged at the reaper.Kid sidestepped causing the purple haired assassin to trip and fall on the floor.Kid chuckled as Marmerachi got back up embaressed por the mishap."Y-you'll pay for that."He studdered.He ran at Kid only for him to sidestep again but this time he was'nt the only one who fell.Marmerachi grabbed Kid's ankle and pulled him down through the floor!Kid and Marmerachi landed in the basement of DWMA which was actually a boiler room now.Kid stood up about to go up the ladder that led to the door when Marmerachi pulled him down."Where do you think you're going!"he said.Kid looked up at the assassin.He had his sword in Kid's face.He grimaced.'not good'

Lacey stayed quiet as she heard foot steps."Come on l
Lacey,I'll be alittle nicer if you come out."He cooed.Lacey started to panic,then she started to hypervenate.It was all quiet until Cotiyoso flung the door open."There you are."He said menacinly.Lacey struggled ad he tried to pick her.Lacey hesitsted but punched him in the face."You little- I'll make sure you die extra painful!!"He held his nose and tried to stabb her when she kicked him and ran off.'Can't I get a break from thesr guys!!'