Kid walked Lacey, Icesiss, Allison, and Jaylen, around the DWMA. They met Maka, Soul, unfortunately Black Star, Tsubaki, and Crona. As they neared the class rooms Kid saw Stein rolling in his chair. "Well seems like we have new students, your names." he asked. "I'm Lacey, this is Allison, Jaylen, and Icesiss." Lacey introduced. "Well, I'm sure you'll easily get use to the school, be safe, sometimes Black estrela might challenge you." He said rolling away. "Wow, he was actually polite and not crazy this time." Liz stated. Kid chuckled and kept walking them around till they were in front of his fathers office door. Allison, Jaylen, Liz, Patty, and Icesiss had all left for class, so it was just him and Lacey. For some reason he was cautious and nervous, but with just Lacey around he felt relaxed and mais comfortable. Kid knocked on the door, for his dad Spirit to open. "Hmm, oh Kid it's you and....." he trailed off. "Lacey." she said. "I need to talk to my father so mover it." Kid said shooing Spirit off. Spirit rolled his eyes and left. Both reapers entered the room to see Shinigami. "Oh son glad to see you and it seems you meet Lacey already!" he exclaimed. Lacey waved at him. "Lacey dear I am terribly sorry about your mother she was a good woman." Lord Death said. Lacey nodded. "Yes she was and she'll always will be, she talked about you too and I'm sure she would've wanted me to meet you, fate's a powerful thing don't you agree?" "Yes certainly. But now we must focus, my son is you guardian and he'll do all he can to keep you safe, but it won't be a problem! We had also gotten your friends a place to live, but you'll have to stay with us for a while not too long though." He said. " I don't mind I-" Suddenly screams were heard outside the door. Kid ran out to see a boy. He had brown shaggy hair, pale skin, grey cold eyes, and a sick smirk on his face. He wore a black business jaqueta with a grey undershirt, black pants, and black formal dress shoes. His attention went towards Lacey and his smile grew. "Well, well, well, looks like you need guards to protect you now, to bad it'll be a waste of time!!" He said. Two blood covered blades appeared in his hands. He walked towards Kid like he had all the time in world. "Lacey, run." Kid warned. Lacey hesitated but ran off only for another boy to catch her, a sword to her neck. This boy had shoulder length ruffled purple hair, pale skin, dark red eyes, wore a black plaid button camisa and dark purple pants with matching combat boots. Kid turned around to see Lacey struggling in the arms of the boy. "Should I kill her now Cotiyoso?" the boy asked grinning. "No not yet Mermarachi, be patient." Cotiyoso said. Kid growled at them. "Let her go, or else!" Kid warned. " Or else what reaper?!" Cotiyoso dared. " Liz, Patty." Liz and Patty were in the hall but not so close to them. They both turned into there weapon forms and Kid caught them, holding them in there usual position. "Or this.." Kid mumbled. He shot at Cotiyoso, who kept dodging them. Mermarachi tried to sneak out , still holding Lacey hostage, but one shot nearly blast his head. Kid shot towards Mermarachi, avoiding Lacey in the process. Lacey screamed and squirmed as she saw the assassin run at Kid about to stab him when Kid sidestep, making the assassin skid across the floor and slowly stopped at Lacey's feet. She then kicked Cotiyoso in the face and Mermarachi in the shin. Both winced and she managed to escape the purple haired assassin's grip. She ran to Kid, who stood his guard in front of her. Both assassin's looked at him and charged. 'This is going to hurt.'