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Chapter One

Kid stirred in his bed. He was having a nightmare, this one completely different then the last 2 he had. 'Kid looked around to see he was in the woods at night. It was foggy and he could barely see, but suddenly he heard a scream, a girls scream. For some reason he an towards the scream, and as he got closer it got louder, and louder until he found himself dumbfounded when he was in the middle of a opening surrounded por trees. He heard the scream again and went pass the trees to see a figure in black holding a sword over a girl. Kid's instincts acted too late and the figure stabbed her only for her to evaporate in black mist. Kid was shocked and the figure looked at him and said "You're next." The figure ran full speed at Kid that's when he woke up' Kid wiped his face from sweat as he sighed heavily.

Morning 8:00 am

Kid walked in to see Liz and Patty eating pancakes, some how Patty's panquecas were shaped like giraffes, "Hey, you look like you haven't slept in weeks." Liz said. "I'm okay did my father call me I feel like he did." Liz nodded and as soon as the trio finished there breakfast they went to Lord Death's office. "Ah son did Liz tell you about the mission." "Only that you told her to tell me that we have one." Patty raised her hand quickly. "Yes Patty." "Those the mission have to do with giraffes, oh please let it be about giraffes!!!" Shinigami chuckled and shook his head. "Unfortunately, no Patty but maybe seguinte time." he reassured her. She sighed. "Patty! Anyway dad what's the mission." Kid asked. "Oh the mission is a bit personal but I know you three can do it especially you son, you see I have friends both-well one are parents Guan Kasashi and gamo, fawn Kasashi." He showed the three a picture of them with a girl between them. "The girl in the middle is there daughter Lacey she and them are all reapers. Just 2days atrás her mother was killed por a assassin named Cotiyoso, who is now after her. She needs a guard and her father isn't enough, and neither is her friends Icesiss Prowers and Allison Lososs who is weapon. So they'll be come to the DWMA Lacey a meister, Allison her weapon, Icesiss a meister as well but with her brother Jaylen as her weapon." As soon as he showed a picture of the four teens, Kid recognized Lacey as the girl in his dream. She was wearing a prep-campus like dress that was black and white, knee high white socks, and black and white high tops. She had ocean-wavy short hair that was black and had green eyes. She seemed happy, unlike in his dreams when she looks petrified. "So who's her guard?" Liz asked. "Kid of course, he can connect with her." Shinigami said. I cold sensation ran up Kid's spine. Something wasn't right.