Do you notice me chapter 2
Friendship blossoms

Last time on DYNM (Do you notice me)

“Hey it looks like patty pat click and Liz have the same class.” Kid said. “And you and I have the same class kid. Chris said excitingly. “We’ll show Pat and Click to our class see you two after class bye.” Liz said walking away with patty pat and click. “Well I’ll show you to our class Chris.” Kid said as he smiled at Chris “Thank you kid for being such a nice guy.” Chris said as with that they walked to there class room.

Chris’s Pov:

“I sat seguinte to kid at class I think he’s a really nice guy” she thought to herself as she walk to her locker. “Plus not TO mention he’s so cute WAIT WWWHAATTT!! I DON’T ACUALLY LIKE THE GUY I MEAN I ONLY KNOWN HIM FOR ONE dia SURE HE KINDA LOOKS LIKE ME BUT THAT DOESN’T M EAN ANYTHING TO ME.” She thought to herself loudly.

Kid’s Pov

I walked to my locker to think what I thought when I bumped into Chris do I actually have my first crush at age 16 she’s beautiful, kind, funny, and she kind of looks like me. “Hey kid you okay?” Liz asked. “Uh y-yes i'm fine just had deep thoughts on Chris I-I err mean my class.” I said all nervously. “Whoa kid its okay if you have your first crush.” Liz said calmly “really you’re not going to flip out and tell her and patty.” I asked. “Nah man its cool that you have your first crush.” Liz said. Than a long silence came than Liz totally flipped out screaming “kid has his first cr-mmmm.” She could finish her sentence I covered her mouth “shhhhh don’t tell anyone okay?” I asked. “finnee.” Liz said. “Good” I said relived.

After school

I waited in front with Liz waiting for patty the thing I wasn’t prepared for is she was walking with Chris. Than, Liz gave me a look so I said “oh shut up.” “Hi Liz and kid.” Chris said smiling which almost made me melt. “Chris told me her condo is near our house and I invited her to sleep over at our house to have a slumber party sine it’s Friday today.” Patty said happily. “So, I asked my mom and she said yes ill just have to tell click and pat to stay at my house to watch eight.” Chris said. “Who are eight?” I asked so curios. “Oh eight is my dog I called her eight because it’s my favorito number.” Chris said. “Eight is my favorito number too.” I said. “Wow you two have lots of things in common despite the fact you guys look kind of like the same.” Liz says laughing. Which made Chris and I blush a little. “Well let’s get going.” I said.

And with that we walked to my house.

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