I was sitting in Death the Kid's room. I'm so bored right now I could die. He was just lying there, on his bed. Most girls dreams are seeing his symmetrical room and thought about how fun it would have been. But I have to tell you, its symmetrical alright, but its not fun. I looked around, it was pretty big and then thought, how did I even end up in here?
I thought back, it was in the hospital.
"His wounds are not very serious, he might have to stay here but I'm afraid we're out of beds", the doctor frowned.
"Oh, thats ok, I'll take him início then", I smiled and then piggy-backed him out of the hospital. He wasn't that heavy but he was sleep-talking,
"....Maka...", he moaned.
When I got to his house, I used my foot and knocked on the door. Liz opened the door and then stared at Kid.
"Shit, what happened to him?", she looked surprised, "I thought he was hanging out with Soul and Maka.
"He was but then-",
"his bedroom is down the hallway and then turn left, leave him there, he'll be fine", she smiled "I'm in a hurry".
Liz yawned and then ran outside.
So here I am, in Kid's room.
There was a moan, and then Kid opened his eyes slowly.
"Phew", I sighed.
"Huh, where am I?", He asked, getting up so quickly he bumped his head.
"Your in your room", I said in a boring tone.
"Oh", he pulled out his travesseiro from behind him and shoved it in his face. Then for the first time he looked at me, his eyes went up and down.
"Now that I looked at you, your quite symmetrical apart from your hair",
"Please don't think what I think your thinking", I moaned.
"Yes Thats right! we must change your hairstyle", His eyes sparkled but the rest of his face was still in his pillow.
"No way!", I stood up.
"Well, think about it then", He smiled. TO BE CONTINUED....