Kid:*walks down stairs while leitura a book*
Patty:*jumps from behind stairs* Hi Kid!!!
Kid:*startiled and drops book* oi patty. What are you doing behind the stairs?
Patty: waiting for you, silly *starts to walk away*
Kid: hey, Patty. Do you know that girl over there? *Points out window, to the tree*
(outside window) a girl is leitura a book while hanging upside down off a branch of the tree
Patty: You mean that new student, yeah I know her, her name is Kitty Bones, she is a mister, and she loves reading.
Kid: Oh. *his thoughts* she is perfectly semmetrical in every way XD*
Patty: *looks at kids face* Do you want me too go talk to her for you?
Kid: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Patty: *not listening* Ok!!!!
Patty: *runs outside*
Kid: (to himself) I am doomed.......
Patty: (outside por tree) oi Kitty!!!
Kitty: *gets up and sits on árvore branch* Hey, don't think I ever got your name.
Patty: oh! My name is Patty Tomson!
Kitty: oh! Well it's nice to meet you. Now, is there some thing you need?
Patty: no...,....I just wanted to tell you that I think one of my friends like you.
Kitty: really? Who?
Patty: his name is Death the Kid!

Wait for part 2 coming soon