David Guetta David Guetta live in Ibiza

MDR_SPUTNIK posted on Aug 20, 2010 at 12:35PM
David Guetta live in Ibiza – are you with us?
You love the music of David Guetta, we give you the ultimate music experience.
There is no catch to it.

Send a text message to 73637 (from abroad to 0049 171 1474744)
with Sputnik (space) Musik
and we'll send you the SPUTNIK music code directly to your mobile phone.
Please note that you will be charged normal rates for each SMS.

If you hear the music-code live on the radio, you should give us a call:
from Germany: 0 8000 – 21 0000 (exempt from charges)
from outside Germany : (0049) 800 – 21 000.

Your chance: David Guetta live in Ibiza, Kate Nash live in Munich, LADY GAGA live in Praha, Gossip live in Paris, Gorillaz live in London and many more.
For more information check our website: link

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