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Promote BEGIN. - David Archuleta  Hector95 1 2169 over a year ago
David Archuleta's new album promotion  leetruc2008 0 1770 over a year ago
DAVID IS SERVING A 2 ano MISSION!!!  lovespercy 0 3220 over a year ago
OMG!!!! I TOTALLY MET DAVID!!!!!  harry-edward 19 2853 over a year ago
name for archuleta fans?  funsizedtink 8 3236 over a year ago
Met DAVID @Pond's Teens show, concerto  Kekei59 3 1111 over a year ago
David is GAY!  tomknowsall 10 6473 over a year ago
oi don't forget to catch DAVID on channel v  lambertglam 0 1587 over a year ago
i amor you  vonna8 0 840 over a year ago
david archuleta  Alie95 0 888 over a year ago
David googoo  mz_ihate_jb 2 995 over a year ago
davidddd  bieberfever34 3 1006 over a year ago
vote for david on this poll!  krist 0 904 over a year ago
david archuleata is sooo hot!=)  eeyorelvr 7 1820 over a year ago
Grab The David Archuleta Widget!!!  iheartmusic 2 992 over a year ago
See David Perform in NYC!!!!  iheartmusic 0 1486 over a year ago
David, please sing this song  1621BAYRD 3 688 over a year ago
WOW DAVID - YOU GO GUY!!  klg42 2 718 over a year ago
If you have facebook....  lilkd2007 3 1145 over a year ago
True Archie Fan?  Archie_Angel4 14 1019 over a year ago
David has fun !!!  Anet 1 837 over a year ago
All about David<--  loveedavid13 8 1061 over a year ago
His ALbum!!  Archie_Angel4 4 907 over a year ago
ídolo americano  testcamp 6 988 over a year ago
Popstar! magazine!  Archie_Angel4 0 1818 over a year ago
david aculeta isnt as good as david cook......  funsizedtink 4 1179 over a year ago
ALL ARCHIES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!  x0mGiLuVDaViDAx 0 760 over a year ago
vote for archie!  archie_fan 0 958 over a year ago
If you amor David than Pick up the Phone and VOTE  Jill12652 1 845 over a year ago
David Archuleta, Young Hollywood, and AI Rehearsals & Interviews!  younghollywood 0 848 over a year ago
IMAGINE DAVID!  archfan1 0 858 over a year ago
mish?  randallshreeve 0 921 over a year ago
any song? :]  loveedavid13 2 884 over a year ago
I hope David sings.........  Archiee0826 0 774 over a year ago
Poor David  xoKyrstenx 5 1130 over a year ago
Prediction?  loveedavid13 2 888 over a year ago
car  zgirl 1 847 over a year ago
he rocks!  raegirl 3 852 over a year ago
David!!!  tinydancer15 1 1158 over a year ago