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Which DRV3 character do you think is overrated


Boy - Shuichi

Girl - Himiko
 DisneyPrince88 posted faz 10 meses
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Ryuuto013 said:
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posted faz 10 meses 
TrashCanKomaeda said:
Boy: Ouma. I get por the ending of the game we really see the reasoning for his actions, but Ouma's always rubbed me the wrong way. I absolutly hate how people compare Ouma to Nagito because in my opinion besides being little shits, they arent that much the same. Ouma in theory is a pretty terrible character in my opinion.

Girl: Ibuki. I have nothing WRONG with Ibuki persey I just..m dont amor her as much as everyone does. Ibuki hasnt done much of anything EVER to gain any reaction from me.

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posted faz 9 meses 
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